Glen Ellis Falls encased in thick, blue ice.
One of the most visited, and easily accessed, waterfalls in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest. Glen Ellis Falls looks spectacular in its icy blue winter covering.

Hard Ice.

A fellow photographer friend, Joe Viger ( and I went up north to the White Mountains to do a little winter shooting this past weekend. We started out at Glen Ellis Falls to capture this picturesque waterfall in its winter clothes. The Falls were almost totally encased in beautiful blue ice, except for a small pool at the base and a window into the Falls itself. The climb down was sketchy at best, but my Kahtoola MicroSpikes came to the rescue. I would not recommend this climb without some sort of traction aid. While in the warmer months there are rock stairs leading down to the base, in the winter they are as covered in ice as the Falls itself.  The conditions were somewhat bright and both a B+W circular polarizer and a HiTech 4 stop ND filter came into play. The polarizer brought out the color in the ice, and the neutral density filter allowed me to use the shutter speed I desired to get the soft water blur I was looking for.

Hard Times.

After our trip to the falls we decided to hit the back roads in search of barns. We were able to find a few photogenic structures in various stages of collapse. But the thing that struck me the most, was how hard the poor economy has hit the north country. We came across too many vacant farms and houses in our search, some obviously occupied until recently as indicated by the rotting jack-o-lantern sitting on the front steps.  Truly a shame.

Abandoned barn in Jefferson, NH
My favorite barn in New Hampshire's North Country. Jefferson, NH.

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