Foggy Sunrise at Odiorne Point
Early morning fog filters the rising sun, giving the sky a pinkish glow. This image taken at scenic Odiorne Point along New Hampshire's rocky coast is one of my favorites.

You know the old saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well I did just that after my last trip to the New Hampshire seacoast to photograph the sunrise.

My shooting partner that day was none other than Kris, The Wicked Dark chick herself. Based on the weather forecast, both of us had hoped for a sky full of dramatic clouds to give us a gorgeous, colorful sunrise just begging to be photographed. I should have known the morning wasn’t going to work out as planned when I couldn’t find the location I had spotted on my drive along the coast the previous day. Those of you with kids know how much of a challenge location scouting can be when they just want to get some lunch. So after our little detour, we ended up along the coast just south of Odiorne Point state park.

Misty Sunrise At Odiorne Point, New Hampshire.

Sunrise over Odiorne Point along New Hampshire's coast.

There we where we were greeted by the third guest to our little party, the fog. It was pretty obvious that we weren’t going to get the dramatic sunrise we had both dragged ourselves out of bed to capture, so it was time for some lemonade. The sun filtered through the fog combined with the smokey water created by the long exposure, made for a successful morning on the coast, and some tasty “lemonade”.

4 thoughts on “Make Lemonade.

  1. Some of my best work was created when the day didn’t go as planned.

    On a somewhat comical note. Kris, in the email notification of your comment it appears wordpress thinks you are from Las Vegas.

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