North Church And Christmas Tree, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, December 2011
The North Church on Market Square in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The holiday decorations make this a perfect New Hampshire seasonal scenic image.

I had another go at the craft fair thing this past Friday and Saturday at the Washington Street Mills in Dover, NH. The event was an open house / open studio event for the artists in the mills, but was also open to outside artists like myself. Through my association with Rebecca at RSP Studio, who does all my custom framing, I have come to know many of the artists in the mill. If you live locally, you should stop in to see a wide selection of locally made arts and crafts. There is still time for that last-minute stocking stuffer.

To get to the point, I didn’t sell a thing. I had a few close calls, and several people expressed interested in different sizes of a few of the images on display. One woman had to check with her co-workers about “After A Dive,” for their boss who loves loons, for their Christmas gift to him. But no actual sales.

As in my past craft fair type ventures, it has been the networking where I have received the biggest benefit. A graphic designer with a studio in the mill was, to put it mildly, very enthusiastic about my work. She also happens to be in the early stages of starting a magazine focusing on the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. “Would I be interested in creating landscape / cityscape type images on assignment?” Um, let me think about that for a… YES!

I also developed a lead on doing some product photography for a woman who creates some amazing jewelry. I’ve never done any product photography, but after doing a bit of searching online for cheap, DIY lighting and light boxes, I found I have most of the gear I need sitting in my basement. For about $10-$15 more dollars I’ll be up and running.

I’m looking forward to both of these challenges.

My one and only disappointment in not selling any work is that the amount of stuff I have to take down and carry to my car weighs that same as what I carried in. At least it was down three flights of stairs at the end of the day.

Comments and thoughtful critiques are always welcome.

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