2011 was a great year for me. I’m writing a blog, and this more than anything else really took me by surprise. I absolutely hated writing when I was in school, go figure. The Jeff Sinon Photography website is up and looking better all the time, and I have a Facebook fan page,  almost 100 fans and still growing, Hint, Hint :-). If someone had told me five years ago that I would be doing any of this, I would have suggested they get their head examined.

This past year has also been a year of new friendships. Through my photography I have met many outstanding photographers, several of whom are becoming close friends. A few are regular companions as I travel the back roads and back woods of New Hampshire searching for new images to make. All have helped me see in new ways, and to grow as a photographer. To these wonderful people I say, Thank You.

To celebrate my first anniversary, I want to share some of my favorite images from the past year. In roughly chronological order, here are 25 of the images  that I am most proud of from 2011.

Nubble Light in the winter.
Nubble Light in York, ME. The tail end of a passing weather front, combined with the light from the setting sun, gave the sky its pastel hues.
Tuckerman's Ravine at sunrise winter
Sunrise At Tuckerman's Ravine. This is a favorite as much for the effort it took to arrive, as the beauty of the scene itself. Well worth the 3 a.m. start time for our hike.
Saco Heath during the rhodora bloom
A misty morning in Saco Heath during the rhodora bloom. Yes the boardwalk is a sketchy as it looks.
Covered Bridge over The Pemigewasset, Flume Gorge.
The Flume Gorge Covered Bridge. A covered bridge blanketed in snow, snow-capped peak in the distance. If this doesn't scream "New England in winter", I don't know what does.
Presidential Range seen from Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge in winter.
A Jerry Monkman photograph inspired me to visit Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge. I found the trip, the view, and this image very rewarding. Thanks Jerry!
Abandoned barn and antique plow, Jefferson, NH
One of many image I've made on this abandoned farm in Jefferson, NH. I have visited several times and will likely return again.
Skunk cabbage close up
You can often find beauty in unlikely places. The lowly skunk cabbage as work of art.
Painted Trillium With Dew Drop
A dew drop catches the morning sun on the leaf of one of my favorite wildflowers, the painted trillium. This one was photographed in one of my "secret spots."
Pink lady's slipper and bunchberry
A nice pairing of two of New Hampshire's wildflowers. I found these bunchberry sharing space with a pink lady's slipper along the Sandwich Notch Rd. In The White Mountain National Forest.
dragonfly on grass macro
Ready for take-off. This dragonfly patiently waited for me to take its picture.
St Matthew's Church in the lupine
St Matthew's Church, Sugar Hill, NH as seen from low in the lupine.
Macro image of a lupine flower.
I had to share the field with more than a few ticks while making this photo. Sugar Hill, NH.
Common loon feeding it's chick
A father loon feeds a small fish to its young chick. I felt honored to be allowed such a close visit with these wonderful birds.
Loon chick on father loons back
Another photographic goal achieved. I've wanted to capture an image of a young loon riding on the back of an adult for some time.
sunrise on Mt Washington.
Civil twilight seen from just below the summit of Mt Washington, NH. The unfortunate passengers in the car still on the road are missing a spectacular show.
Sunrise from Mt Washington.
The "Home of the worst weather in the world," Mt Washington, NH. A drive to the summit, or in this case just below, to watch a sunrise is an experience I highly recommend.
A foggy sunrise at Odiorne Point, Rye, NH.
Sun, Rocks, And Seaweed, Odiorne Point, NH
Sunrise over the rocky coast of New Hampshire.
Waterfall, Watson Road, Dover, NH. Fall 2011
The fall foliage provides a nice backdrop for this waterfall on Watson Rd. in Dover, NH. This image is part of a series of images I'm creating about Dover.
Due to a less than ideal foliage season, and a hectic schedule, this is one of the few fall foliage images I was able to make this year. This panoramic image is of Mt Chocorua over Chocorua Lake in Tamworth, NH.
Looking over the falls towards Central Ave. Dover, NH
Cocheco Mills and waterfall, Dover, NH
The Cocheco Mill, its reflection in the Cocheco river above the falls. Mist from the waterfall hangs in the air above the buildings.
Sunrise with apple tree over Bellamy WMA
Sunrise over the Bellamy Wildlife Management Area, Dover, NH. One of my favorite pheasant hunting spots from my former life as an avid upland game hunter.
Ft. Foster at sunset, Kittery, Maine
As the sun sinks towards the horizon, it casts a beautiful glow across the sands of Ft Foster in Kittery, ME.
North Church and Christmas Tree, Portsmouth, NH
The North Church in Market Square, Portsmouth, NH, at Christmas time. A well decorated Christmas tree sets the scene.

23 thoughts on “A Year Gone By.

    1. Thanks! We FINALLY have some snow! It looks like I might actually get to make a few winter photographs that actually look like winter. Sending snowy thoughts your way!

    1. CAUTION, EGO BOOST ALERT!!! Must…..Look….away….head….starting……to…..swell….. 🙂

      Thank you again!! As you might guess, I never get tired of hearing comments like that.

  1. Wow, finding talent like this through the weekly photo challenges really gives me hope… hardy har that I can do whatever I set my mind (and camera to!) Thanks for sharing these AMAZING shots! Good luck in 2012 and hope to see you around in the other challenges 🙂

    1. I’m sorry Mandy, could you say that one more time? It just sounded so good, once isn’t enough 😉 I’ve always been on the creative side, but considering I kind of fell ass backwards into photography in 2008 and NEVER thought I would be getting comments like yours, I think you should do well. I took a look at your blog and saw a lot of talent.

    1. Yes they are, and thank you very much. I really don’t photograph much else in the spring and early summer. I would give my left arm to find yellow lady’s slippers. The pink version are fairly common near me, but the yellow are very rare.

      Your garden / flowers are wonderful. I wish I had the time and dedication to make my “garden” look as nice.

    1. Tell me which photo you are referring to and I will do my best to tell you how I did it. I do try to get the best initial capture, “get it right in camera” as they say, but use Lightroom 3 and Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 to get the image to where I “saw” it when I clicked the shutter.

      1. I was refering to the civil twilight seen and the 3 photos after it:

        The “Home of the worst weather in the world,” Mt Washington, NH. A drive to the summit, or in this case just below, to watch a sunrise is an experience I highly recommend.

        A foggy sunrise at Odiorne Point, Rye, NH

        Sunrise over the rocky coast of New Hampshire.

        Maybe that’s because the light too is completely different that the one we could have around Paris and French Riviera.

        1. One more thing. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I got a lot of help from other photographers when I picked up a camera for the first time 4 years ago. I feel obligated to do the same. Although I’m constantly amazed that anyone thinks highly enough of my photography to ask my help. Not that I don’t think it’s good, no false modesty here, but good enough for others to ask my advice? Surprises me every time.

  2. On the first two, the color, with a little boost in saturation, is pretty much true to what I saw. The bluer one was the first capture and I’m not ashamed to say I was “giddy as a school girl” when I saw what was happening! The second was taken about 10-12 minutes after the first as the sun was about to crest the horizon. Again, a slight boost in saturation for artistic effect. They both may have had the Brilliance and Warmth filter in Color Efex applied.

    The next two were also both taken on the same day. I was hoping for a nice dramatic sunrise, but when I got to the coast it was completely fogged in. But as the sun started to come up the colors in the fog made me forget all about the dramatic cloud filled sky I was hoping for. Again, slight saturation boost and Brilliance and Warmth filter.

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