That’s right, another give-away!

In celebration of my daughters 7th birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, and the Irish heritage on my side of the family, I’m giving away something green! Something oh so very green!

How about an 8×12, on metallic paper, matted in white, ready to frame, print of “Wavy Green” to hang on your wall?

“The hell you say? What must a person do to get in on a sweet deal like this?”  you might ask.  Just scroll on down below the image and all your questions will be answered as if by magic!

The Rules and How To Enter.

It’s simple. I’ll be posting the give-away on the Jeff Sinon Photography fan page, and there are only two requirements to enter.

1) You have to be a fan of Jeff Sinon Photography (having clicked “Like,” and I will be checking ;-)) You must become a fan as a real live person, not as your fan page should you have one, to qualify.

2) Once you have become a fan of Jeff Sinon Photography, click “Like” on the Give-Away post as well. That’s it!

(since this blog will get published to the fan page wall as well, anyone who accidentally “Likes” the blog post on the fan page will be included in the contest, but you will make my life a lot easier, and reduce the chance your name will be missed,  if you “like” in the correct post. Thanks in advance)

CAUTION: Shameless Self Promotion Alert!   As a bonus, anyone who shares the contest on their Facebook wall will have their name entered a second time.

On Sunday, March 18th I will deploy my very sophisticated random drawing system (your name on a piece of paper, placed in a box, my daughter picking a piece of paper) and announce the lucky winner. The winner will be announced on the Jeff Sinon Photography fan page, on the Jeff Sinon Photography blog, and be contacted via Facebook message as well.

*The print will NOT have the watermark on it.*

16 thoughts on “Kiss Me I’m Irish, It’s Give-Away Time!

    1. My watermark does use my signature, but it is a little large, and nobody is likely to want the “” part, however small it may be, on a piece of art they are going to hang on their wall.

      I’m doing this first as a thank you to all my fans and followers. I also have to be very honest, and as a means of promotion in the hopes of increased traffic to my website and possibly sales.

      BUT, as in my “For Love Or Money” blog entry, I mean it when I say I would still be a very happy photographer if all I ever get out of it is the pure enjoyment of being out making photographs, and hearing compliments like you, and others, have so graciously given my work.

      1. It’s not gracious…it’s honest. 🙂 I’m glad you’d make photographs anyway, although I do hope it becomes lucrative! Your vision is really unique. We’d be the poorer without it.


    1. Thank you for that.

      I look at it as a” Thank You” to all my fans. And lets be honest, it does help get my name just a little bit more recognition in the crowded world of would-be photographers.

  1. Woo – Hoo – a give away. I love free stuff and even more if I win it.
    The fact that it is “ART” has sent my excitement into overdrive. Who wouldn’t want one of your photos?? Heck, I’d rummage through your throw aways and be ecstatic.
    I guess I have to do the requirements, now.
    Woo – Hoo again …. Happy Pre-Birthday wishes to your daughter … !!!!
    P.S. You didn’t mention her name …????!!! ~~~~ : – )

    1. Thank you, and I have a love/hate relationship with FB, but I can’t think of another way to get my photography in front of potential buyers that doesn’t cost a penny. Sure there is Google+, and a lot of other photographer love it, but getting my work seen by other photographers is kind of like “preaching to the choir.” I like it when other photographers see and like my work, but I like it more when potential buyers see and like my work. And Facebook does just that.

      Social media is where it’s at these days, for better or worse.

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