Water, as a solid, as sculpture, as art.

Spring is almost upon us here in the northern hemisphere, with warm weather, waterfalls, and wildflowers right around the corner. With these warm thoughts in mind, I hope these images send chills down your spine.

Crystal Clear Or Icy Blue.

I love to photograph ice. From frozen waterfalls to stream side ice sculptures, I spend quite a bit if my winter photography time traversing steep icy slopes and laying prone, freezing, freezing in places no man wants to  freeze, all in search of the wonders that await when water becomes cold and hard.

Glen Ellis falls covered in thick blue ice There’s a waterfall in there somewhere.

Wine glasses, beer bottles, mushrooms, what do you see?

Abstract icicles on the side of a stream

Flowing stream and frozen ice. Frigid and flowing, where does one begin and the other end?

 The Pemigewasset River crashes over Livermore Falls in trying to escape winter’s icy blue jaws.

My friend Melissa in one of her favorite positions for making photographs.

 Almost complete, the ice works to imprison the stream below.

For those of you who are now stuck with Vanilla Ice rapping in your head, you are welcome! 😀

38 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, Baby

  1. Some darn good images here! I can identify with shooting outdoors in freezing weather. I always seem to ignore the cold longer if I’m shooting vs not having a camera with me.

  2. Thank you for showing some ice!!! I can definitely see wine glasses in the secong image and… I absolutely wouldn’t mind to see them live… I miss the winter, I miss the ice! 😦

    1. You are very welcome, I’m glad you like them. I’m hoping these are some of my last “winter” photographs for a while. I’m ready for Spring, and waterfalls (without ice 😉 ) and wildflowers. We haven’t had much of a winter, but now I want it done with, until next year!

    1. Thanks Mike. I spent a lot of time laying on the ice for that one. The only time the green color appeared in the ice was when the water level rose just enough to touch the bottoms of the icicles. Otherwise they were crystal clear from top to bottom.

    1. Thank you Karina, and yes, every single one of them was taken in New Hampshire. The one I call “Ice Mushrooms” was taken just above Livermore Falls on the Pemigewasset River in Campton. They are just little icicles descending down from a low stream side ice shelf. They were only about 2″-3″ tall, from the surface of the water to the bottom of the shelf.

        1. Most of these were taken while out on a photo meet-up with members of the Flickr NH Group. The group hasn’t been doing too many meet-ups lately, but I still regularly get together with several members.

          As for pre scouting, I don’t really do any for these kinds of photographs. When ever I’m near a river or stream in the winter I’m looking at the icicles that form on the edges of the ice shelves that often line the banks, as well as the ice that “grows” on and around rocks and boulders in the stream itself.

          “Ice Mushrooms” was found this way, and sort of an “accidental” photograph. I had seen the icicles and thought they looked pretty cool. Then while setting up to get a shot I saw what was happening to them with the green color as the water in the stream occasionally would come up to touch the bottoms. Spent at least 15 minutes laying flat on the ice, on a 15 degree day, making sure I captured what I was seeing. Brrrr.

          1. Ooh that’s dedication!

            Thanks for the info. I guess I need to just go out more. Not as easy with a preschooler in tow, but perhaps Dad can watch her one weekend and I can go see what I can find. The ice is probably a wash for this year, but spring is coming… 🙂

            Thanks again!

            1. I here you. I have learned that I can have quality time with my wife and daughter, or quality time behind the camera, not both.

              You are right too about the ice for this year. But Spring means waterfalls and wildflowers! Hopefully I get my macro lens fixed in time for the flowers.

            2. One more thing, I saw somewhere on http://thepositivepage.com/ that you are from southern Maine. If you are close by, I’m always game for photographic meet-ups. I love getting together with other photographers for a day of camera fun. Usually, if I’m going out and looking for company, I share it on my fan page. I’m not anywhere near as in shape as I would like to be, so most of the places I go are day trips to the coast or the White Mountains and easy hikes. If you ever have a place you would like to photograph, and don’t feel like going by yourself, you can also shoot me a message, I’ll try photographing almost anything, except people, I have less than zero interest in photographing people.

              1. Thanks so much! That would be a great idea. I’m not in great shape right now either–still trying to nail down the medication for asthma and allergies as well, so even walking without wheezing can be an interesting challenge. But I will definitely keep it in mind. Sounds like fun!

                It’s funny, I like the nature photography but I love taking pictures of people…so long as they don’t mind my torturing them by following them with a camera. 🙂

                1. I am in less than stellar shape too, even though I tell myself I need to get in better shape to get to some of the places I really want to photograph. We can wheeze together!

                  1. LOL! I have new medication today–last night the heart rate kicked up, didn’t sleep most of the night. I know it’s a combo of the meds and some old anxiety attack issues from the past year that I never got over, apparently. Life has calmed way down but I guess my body doesn’t know how to get out of “stress” mode, so it goes panicky when I sleep. Quite irritating! lol. Hopefully getting rid of the inhaler with the steroids will help. Crazy…

  3. Amazing formations! I can’t believe you guys have such hardy frost, almost looks like Alaska instead.

    1. We get out fair share of really cold winter weather. It seems that in order to get such great ice formations, it doesn’t just need to be below 32*f, but way below. These photos were taken in 2010, and that was one of the consistently coldest winters I can remember.

  4. Jeff, I cannot stop looking at your Ice Mushrooms shot. You have an amazing eye, and I am really looking forward to getting to know you and your visions better. -Gary

    1. Thanks again Gary. “Ice Mushrooms” is one of my “conversation piece” photos when I’ve had it on display at the craft fairs I’ve set up at. The other vendors and I would joke that they have heard me tell the story of the photo so often, that if I stepped away from my booth for a minute, any of them could tell a visitor anything they wanted to know about it. The photos I have of the black bear mother and cubs seen here, https://jeffsinonphotography.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/weekly-photo-challenge-peaceful/ was the same way. The best part is, I never got tired of telling the stories of either photo. I bet the other vendors got pretty tired of hearing it though 😀

  5. Love them! As I’ve grown old(er), I tend to be more of a fair-weather photographer but I remember the days of cold fingers and frosted glasses.
    What do I see? My first thought was that of a frog cathedral – lol. Very interesting capture!

    1. “Frog cathedral,” that’s a first! 🙂 I’ve actually become more willing to brave the elements in order to get great photos. I do find that as I approach 50, I need more warm clothing to keep me comfortable though.

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