The Sun,

Life depends on it. As a photographer, I live to chase it. Without its golden glow, photography as we know it would be lacking.

With it, the flowers grow.


Not there, and yet, there.

Even when not within the frame of the image, the suns presence and impact is both seen and felt, adding drama to the landscape.

For the birds.

Even wildlife seems to eagerly await the dawn of each new day.

The end is near.

The sun sets, and the anticipation of its arrival the next morning begins.


The Sun

65 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

  1. Holy cats, Jeff. You could have done it easy with just the first one, but you went on to teach us all a valuable lesson. Sunlight is EVERYTHING and your gorgeous photos made that point more eloquently than anything I’ve ever read before. I am so impressed.

    Schooled by the master! WELL DONE and thank you for the (ahem) “BRILLIANT” lesson!

    I hope the weekly challenge people see this…you NAILED it! Bravo!! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Karina! That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my photography.

      That is exactly the point I was trying to make. As soon as I saw the weekly challenge theme for this week I knew the direction I wanted the post to go. I also knew it was going to take more than one image to illustrate it.

  2. Nice images Jeff. For me the 3rd one “hits the spot” Flower and leaves are well positioned in the frame. Great bokeh with subdued highlights ensuring no distraction from the subject.

    1. Thanks Catherine. Mother Nature smiled on me that morning. Not ten minutes before there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I had planned for the sun to be right where it was when it crested the horizon using TPE,, but without any clouds, it wasn’t going to be what I wanted. I was actually starting to pack it in when I turned around and saw them moving in. Then I had to hope they would move fast enough to be in the frame when the sun actually did come up. As you can see, they picked up the pace just for me 😀

  3. Outstanding series, Jeff. All great, but I absolutely love that 4th one! The cross of cool temp and warm temp is wonderfully dramatic and really emphasis how dynamic the sun can be.

    1. Thanks Brandon. That morning turned out much better than expected. I was actually there to photograph the morning launch at the Pittsfield, NH hot air balloon rally. You can actually see a glimpse of on just above the trees on the left.

      But when I arrived the wind was wrong, and the clouds were threatening rain. But then the sun started to come through and the light just got better and better. Not to mention, the wind changed and brought the balloons out over the water as hoped.

  4. Great work Jell 🙂 I am glad you are not one of those fools pointing lense right at the Sun. I really hate this week’s challenge.. and have nothing but sunsets to show 😉

      1. 🙂 Thanks Jeff… I have found a pic of a high sun actually and will probably post it before the end of the week. My connection on this site is really slow. I think I have to cut down the number of blogs I am supposedly following…not everybody is worth the trouble and I am so short of time these days :). I have subscribed to your blog now, but a few other bloggers will be goners 😀

        1. I’m glad you found something, I’m looking forward to seeing it. So don’t keep me waiting, I get cranky when I have to wait 😀

          I know what you mean. I try to limit the number of blogs I follow simply because I don’t have time to read them all. One thing I do try to do is at least pay a visit to any blogger, such as yourself, that is kind enough to leave a comment on mine. I always try to leave a comment, and like I did with yours, if I think it is interesting enough I will follow it.

  5. oops it has been a very long and hard day at work for me and my typewritting skills are awful … sorry for mispelling your name 😦

  6. so cool, all of them striking. i especially like the click of the seagull and the texture of the background in perfect thirds behind the bird.
    thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I was playing with the rental lens I had. I was actually there to photograph the snowy owl, but when I turned around to face the ocean, I saw that great glow in the sand and the lone gull. I couldn’t turn my tripod around fast enough 🙂

      1. Good thinking, I think 🙂 The snowy owl capture is great, too, simply for its significance in the biosphere. But the artistIc effect of that seagull is really something else entirely.
        Am on my smart phone at the moment which somehow prevents me from commenting via my usual moniker, pix & kardz, but it is really me 🙂

        1. Thanks, it’s advice I’ve heard before, so whenever I’m setting up for “the shot,” I always look around to see what I might be missing.

          Okay, before I approve this comment I’ll need three forms of picture i.d. Your shoe size, make and model of the car your uncle drives, and a piece of pie (key lime preferred) 😀

  7. Jeff 🙂 you have saved my week. Thank you for your patience and unselfish help :). I have posted the Sun too. All credit for not losing my nerve goes to you. Bless you man!

    1. Thank you very much Chanel, I’m glad you stopped by for a visit. I’m also honored that you chose to follow my blog. I still can’t believe people actually read what I write and enjoy my photographs. I hope I can keep you and all of my followers interested enough to stick around 😉

  8. Jeff, its obviously been said already, but holy cow, what an amazing series of photographs (and short narrative) on the sun. The way it flows from morning to evening is creative and makes it extremely entertaining for your readers to continuously scroll up and down the page (not to mention the desire to keep looking at all of those photographs). That last one is my favorite I think. Where was that taken?

    – Nate

    1. Thanks Nate! You know I never even noticed that the images were in a somewhat sunrise to sunset order.
      🙂 That was pure luck on my part!

      That last one was taken at Ft Foster in Kittery, ME. If you are still planning to be in the neighborhood for a while, and if you’re up for it, we can do some roaming around the mountains on one get together, and then roam around the coast the next time.

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