Thanks Nate, I’m glad you thought the day was productive and you were able to come away with some useful knowledge. I’m still not sure whether teaching photography workshops in the future, but I’m glad you think I’m up to the task.

Nathan Bush Photography

…It deserves recognition.

I’ve recently had the honor of meeting fellow blogger and photographer, Jeff Sinon, in person, during a day-long photography outing. I’ve been following Jeff’s blog, Jeff Sinon Photography, for a while now, and he even longer my travel blog, and I’ve always been inspired by the beauty of Jeff’s work. In particular, I’ve always loved his waterfall and stream photographs, and some of my favorites can be seen here and here.

Knowing that Jeff was not located far from my cabin in Maine, I contacted him asking if he would be up for a day of photography, venturing out into the woods together with the intent of shooting waterfalls, and if he would be willing to teach me his technique for doing so.  I honestly didn’t expect him to agree to do so; part of me didn’t really even expect an email response, but the way I see it, anything is worth…

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    1. Thanks Ailsa. I’m all about sharin’ the love!

      I may not know everything there is to know about photography, but what I do know I’m more than willing to share.

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