I’ve met some of the nicest people because of my camera, some have become very close friends. Whenever I get together with any of these people I’m sure of two things, I’m going to learn something, and I’m going to have fun! It’s never a dull moment with this crowd, that’s for sure.

First of course, we just plain have fun!

Then it’s time to get serious!

Still not sure who invited the painter. 😉

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

    1. Check Flickr, This great group of people are all part of the Flickr NH Group. I’ve also come across photography groups on I had better luck finding more serious photographers, ie, wiling to get up stupid early for sunrise, or be willing to get together when the temp doesn’t get above 5*f all morning, on Flickr. The earliest meet-up time for any of the local Meetup groups I found was 8a.m. For your kind of photography that may not matter as much, but for mine, they don’t call them the “Golden Hours” for nothing. 😉 I don’t plan to miss them.

      1. Thanks Jeff, I started a flickr account a few days ago and joined a local group, doesn’t seem to be too much activity but it’s nice to find local people interested in the same thing I am.

        1. Definitely good for getting the creative juices flowing. The NH Group has slowed way down on the meet-ups, fortunately not before I got to meet some great people.

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