Movement: The Camera.

In both of these images the camera was moved during exposure. One was completely accidental, the other was created completely on purpose.

Can you tell which was created on purpose, and which was the “accidental art”?


Movement: The Subject, part 1

Generally, when I think of movement in one of my photographs I think water. I am a fan of the soft and silky look that a long exposure gives moving water.

Here are a few examples.

Movement: The Subject, part 2

Next I think of wildlife. It would be nice if they just sat still and posed for the camera, but they don’t always cooperate.

there’s one in every group portrait that won’t sit still

this beaver thought searching for dinner was more important than having its picture taken.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

  1. Yes… it was quite windy on my pic.

    I like your first two fotos best, and although the first seems more accidental, because it appears to have been shot from a moving vehicle, it’ll probably be the second 🙂

  2. Very nice Jeff. Long exposures of water are a favorite of mine too, (left to other photographers usually because I lack the self discipline to stand there!) 🙂

    1. Thanks Irfan. One thing I’m always surprised at is the number of people that think the silky look to the water in an image like these is created in post. They automatically assume “Photoshopped.”

      1. Normally such people are not acutally aware of post processing, or are just new to using DSLR’s. As Dr. Alban told in one of his ever green numbers, “little knowledge is dangerous”

    1. Thanks. I thought is was really cool that the beaver didn’t seem to mind me hanging around. It would go down to get a snack and then come right back and eat right in front of me. I was able get a few nice shots of the whole animal too, not just the tail.

    1. You are correct Brandon. Though I can’t remember if I zoomed in or out, I was trying both.

      The other one was the “accident”. I hit the shutter button as I move my tripod. I’ve always liked it, but never knew what to do with it.

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