Dreaming? This is going to be tough.

Images that make me think “Dreaming?” This is going to take some thought. Along with an in-depth search of my Lightroom Library.

Here goes nothing…

A misty morning on my home lake. 

My little girl fresh out of the water with a dreamy look on her face.

(I wish I knew where the RAW file for this image is. I have no idea what I did to get the image you see here)

I think this shot through the window of my favorite north country barn has a dreamy quality to it. Maybe not a good dream, but a dream none the less.

(To me, it’s the reflection in the window of the leafless winter trees that lends a creepy feeling to the photo)

A dreamy walk along the pier towards the setting sun.

Sure I might be reaching a bit, taking a little creative license so to speak, but that’s how I like to play.

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

  1. GREAT photo’s, Jeff. I love the one of your daughter. She is dreaming about something special. Perhaps, how lucky she is to have you to take beauiful photo’s of her. Fabulous eyes ….!!!!
    The open window with the planking falling is very intriguing. I always enjoy photo’s of old buidlings or barns that are naturally decaying from weather and age. Good job on the challenge, as always.

      1. That is the point that I got back safely :D. Thank you.
        The worst thing is that the best day was the day of return, not cause we hated it there, but the weather suddenly cleared up, and we took a route through northern Italy and discovered yet another lake and took tons of crappy (or not pics). AfterShot does not work good with my cam (crops it, makes vignetting, makes my skies purple :S) and I am trying to get a bit familiar with Lightroom 4 now, as I am in a hurry to post “solid” and “dreaming” challenge posts ;). You have been missed!

    1. Thanks! I saw that bridge on the first day in the park and knew I wasn’t leaving until I photographed it. Fortunately my wife and daughter didn’t mind waiting in the car while I did it. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous, Jeff, that top one is my absolute favourite, and look at you taking photos of people (beautiful people she is too!)

    Fabulous shot of the deer in your header too! Where was it taken?

  3. *you can delete that comment from mdgamespb…that was me signed in on someone\’s blog/web page I\’m building \” —- Again, great interpretation, Jeff. “Dreamy” is one of my favorite concepts, and something I’ve gravitated towards since the outset of my photographic journey. One thing I noticed in my own “dreamy” photos is that tone, specifically quieter tones and focus on contrast, are always prevalent and drive the image…something that I also noticed applies to most of your work above. Excellent series!

    1. You’ll be hearing from my attorneys. The mental anguish is unbearable. First I think I have a new follower, only to find out it is a hoax. The therapy bills are going to be huge, HUGE I tell you! 😛

      Thanks for the great comment too!

  4. Jeff your work is stunning!! It’s as though each one is “the best” and then there is the next which is even more spectacular. I saw your article on iphonograpy – but assuming these are not taken with one? Would be interested… as I use my iphone 4S lots ~ just better for me given my physical limitations and always have it on hand! Very nice to find you!! Warm wishes ~ RL

    1. Thank you so much Robyn!!

      You are correct in your assumption, they are all taken with a Canon dslr, first a 40D and now a 7D. I’m starting to do more with my 4S, trying to do more with it when I’m out with my “real” camera. So far I’m loving the results. I was just up in Acadia National Park, and some of my best shots were with the iPhone. Going to share those soon I think.

      It was a very pleasant surprise to find you as well. Well worth the “follow.”

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