Lately I’ve garnered a bit of attention from other bloggers. Over the past few months I’ve been nominated for several awards. The Versatile Blogger Award, three times, the Inspiring and Very Inspiring Blogger Award, once each, and a Liebster Award. While I feel it is an honor to have been nominated, I have chosen to, as graciously as possible, decline them all.

While I do think it is an honor that other bloggers feel I’m worthy of such praise, I simply do not have the time to complete the required tasks that come with acceptance of the awards. All of these awards come with certain requirements should I accept. The numbers vary, but they are all variations on the same theme.

Thank the person who nominated me,

Tell 7, 10, a dozen things about myself,

Lastly,  nominate 10, 12, 15 other bloggers for the same award.

As it is, I find there are hardly enough hours in the day, without adding to the “to do” list. With a full-time job, a family, Facebook fan page, website, this blog, and trying to add fresh content to each, I already spend so much time at the computer that I often wonder if my wife and daughter remember what I look like. On top of all that is the, time-consuming in its own right, task of actually making the photographs that keep my readers coming back.

All of this may sound ungrateful and that I don’t appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the nominations. I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. To me however, it is award enough when I read a nice comment left about one of my photographs, or the email notification I get every time someone subscribes to my blog.

In closing I would like to properly and publicly thank all of those outstanding bloggers who felt I was worthy of an award.

My heartfelt thanks go out to:

Vladimir and Johna, from Wind Against Current , for a Versatile Blogger nomination.

Amruta, from Not So Creative, also for a Versatile Blogger nomination.

Cornel, from Words, Versatile Blogger nomination #3.

Sheila, from Shecall, for the Liebster Award

Ioanna, from life portOfolio, for a Very Inspiring Blogger

and lastly, from The Retiring Sort, an Inspiring Blogger award nomination.

Every one of these blogs is worth a read. When you get a minute, pay each of them a visit, you’ll be glad you did.

So, in the future, rather than nominate me for an award, simply stop by and say “Hi!” I’ll be glad you did. 🙂

30 thoughts on “I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

  1. Congrats on all of your awards, and I totally understand about the lack of time. Once I am done one full year of daily blogging, I might just consider cutting down to once a week instead because although I love blogging, I have no time for anything else :).

  2. Blogging tends to get extremely timeconsuming, I feel like you, I don’t accept the awards, I don’t know, but somehow it reminds me of chain letters, we don’t like them, do we?

    Have a great relaxing weekend – with the family! 🙂

    Love DIna

    1. You hit the nail right on the head Dina. I appreciate the sentiment behind the nomination, but the requirements that come with them do seen exactly like a chain letter.

  3. I also feel like they are chain letters, but on the other hand it’s a nice way to spread links to other good blogs. Personally I haven’t done anything about the “awards” I’ve recieved and I don’t think I will either. Mostly awards are just gathering dust at some shelf somewhere…

    1. You’re right, and even though I have in the past, and intend to continue to decline them, I make a point of visiting all the other “nominees.” I have come across some very nice blogs too.

  4. Jeff, I’m on the same boat. I have recently been nominated for an award, felt honored but didn’t have time to comply with all the requirements. And I thought if I accepted this first award, how many more would I have to go through the same process?

    I felt honored and even grateful to the person who nominated me though.

    I’m glad you wrote this post 🙂

    1. Congrats on being nominated! If they were just straight up awards, no strings attached it would be so easy to just take a moment to thank the person who nominated me, but I too feel it’s an honor just to be nominated. From now on I will simply thank the person and move on.

  5. Congratulations on all the awards—well deserved! And yes, we gave up on the detailed requirements of these awards some time ago. We still pass them on as a good way to point out other blogs that we like—such as yours!

    1. Thanks Vladimir! I think that is where I’m headed with future nominations, assuming there are any more. Just thank the person, and move on. It has occurred to me, that one of the reasons I haven’t nominated anyone for an award is because I didn’t want them to feel obligated to fulfill the requirements. Thanks again for the nomination and the compliments.

  6. Congratulations on the recognition from around the blogosphere! Very nice post, and thanks so much for the mention and pingbacks for me and the others who nominated you. Keep on posting! 🙂

    1. You are very welcome, and thanks to you as well.

      Don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me that easily 😉 I’ll be here until I nothing left to say, and if you ask my wife, that means you’ll never hear the end of me 😀

  7. Congratulations Jeff! Neat acceptance. I know it is hard to acknowledge appreciation without offending, and getting caught up in the ‘tit for tat’ thing 🙂

    1. How right you are. 😀 Being nominated means a lot, but completing the required tasks is more than I have time for. I just hope people who may nominate me in the future are as gracious and understanding a the people who have already nominated me when I turn them down.

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