Wrong, really? 

I usually don’t keep photos that I consider “wrong”. But after a little digging I found a few that I felt had some “wrongness” to them, but were otherwise worth saving.

Everything I wanted, and then some.

Full and fast from the Springs snow melt, the Mad River In Farmington crashes over granite ledge. The powerful whitewater flowing over the foreground granite.

I broke one of the basic “rules” of photography while capturing the power of the Spring-time flows of the Mad River in Farmington, NH. Can you tell me what is “wrong” with this photo?

I’ll give you a hint. The last thing you should do when framing a shot,  just before pressing the shutter. (You may want to click the image to enlarge it to see what’s wrong).

The color is all wrong.

The image below really showcases the power of the Swift River as it flows into Rocky Gorge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The off-color water caused by recent heavy rains didn’t appeal to me, so…

The power of the Swift River is on full display as its tannin stained water crashes into Rocky Gorge in the White Mountain National Forest, NH.

I thought, “if you don’t like the color, get rid of it all together.” A little time with Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro, and all that I felt was “wrong” with this image was made right.

The power of the Swift River in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is on full display as it crashes into Rocky Gorge, in this black and white image.

39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. A little judicious editing will fix the top one. 🙂 They are all great. Intriguing. What about making the 2nd one sepia? Then the colors would work fine. And actually the brown is really intriguing. It looks like one of those prints with the brown horses in the winter woods. I bet someone would love that picture as it is.


    1. True, on the first Karina. In fact I had to “re-edit” the first one for this post because I had cropped out my little “mistake” before doing any further work to it.

      Hadn’t even thought of sepia for the second, thanks for the tip!

    1. Scott, I’m shooting 99.99% of the time in Aperture Priority(AV). There are a few times where AV and exposure compensation just won’t get the exposure I want, so I’ll use manual, but mostly it’s AV.

      1. I guess my play on words didnt go as planned 😦 I had auto in qoutes to answer the question about the truck being in the shot

  2. That was too easy to guess … btw … your wrong is my right … except for the van of course, and your “right” is my “wrong” – talking about the first shot, the second one is cool in both variants 😉

    1. Looks like everyone picked up on the fact that I got the front of my truck in the frame. I could have kicked myself for that. In my defense, the viewfinder on my 40D didn’t give a 100% view of the scene like my new 7D does. Now scanning the edges of the frame keeps the extra clutter out a little better.

      Now I just need to remember to level the camera to keep my horizons straight… 😛

          1. I like it when you go “wrong” :D. the pic before last looks as if someone had spilled a jar of honey down the water :D. And in the B&W shot, I would prefer your signature in a silvery shade…. this is all I have to complain about 😀

    1. Thank you very much Isadora. “Right” except for my truck sticking it’s little “face” into the far upper right corner of the first one. To me, that’s just “wrong” 😀

  3. Good fix to the wrong. Monochromes can often save the day. I find mainly it’s when too much color but without balance, and also where, I think monochrome can simplify. I also too thought the truck.

    1. Thank you. Like I’ve said to a few others, it’s not the way the first photo came out that I don’t like, it’s that my truck is in it that bugs me. Very rookie mistake.

  4. Well, I like all of your shots, Jeff, but appreciate the valuable lesson learned.

    On another note, you have inspired another blogger (Paula from Lost in Translation http://bopaula.wordpress.com/ ) to feature your blog as a link in the CBBH Photo Challenge. Well done, Jeff!

    As your reward, you are now entitled to grab the – CONEJO BLANCO BLOG HOP Featured Me! BUTTON – from the East of Málaga ( http://www.eastofmalaga.wordpress.com ) home page to display in your sidebar (if you want to, of course!)


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