A red tail hawk flies away through a deeply shadowed forest. The warm sunlight momentarily illuminates its graceful flight just as it disappears in the trees.

A soon as I read the theme for this week I knew which photo I was going to use. This red tail hawk was a most wonderful and patient subject. He / she posed for me for almost an hour, then as if we could read each others minds, as I was finishing up with my last photos, it took flight.

Before Departure.

red-tail hawk sitting in a tree in this close-up.          red-tail hawk sitting in a tree

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit.

    1. Thanks Karina, the hawk was a huge bonus find. I was actually at Odiorne Point in Rye looking for screech owls that frequent the park. Thanks to a couple of crows harassing the hawk, it came swooping down and landed in a tree only a few yards from me. I couldn’t believe how close it let me get, or how long it stayed around for me.

    1. Yes they are. There’s something about raptors that makes them more appealing to me than almost any other birds. I think its there piercing, intelligent stare.

      Unless your hawks are REALLY big, or you’re very small, they should leave you alone 🙂

    1. Thanks. I couldn’t believe my luck when it came flying in to land near me. If I ever run into the two crows that were harassing it, I owe them a big thanks 😀

    1. Yes I was, I had to zoom out for several of them, and even at 120mm I was too close and chopped off the tail in a few. I wish more wildlife cooperated so nicely 🙂

    1. I rented a Sigma 120-400 OS, a great lens that compares very well with Canon’s 100-400L at almost half the price. It’s on my list of lenses I want.

      I’m not really much of a birder, ut with all the snowy owls we had in our area last winter, I couldn’t pass them up. This red-tail was a huge bonus find on my way back from trying to get some more of the owls.

    1. Thanks Brandon! Those raptors always look like they would eat me if I were small enough 🙂 At first I wasn’t very happy with the results of the first one. I was really trying to get the whole bird in flight, which I am obviously not good at, but then I saw the “light” so to speak.

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