49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

    1. Thanks Valentina. It’s actually kind of a weird sculpture, to me anyway. It’s a whales tale, not really visible in this photo, with a human head. One day I’m going to do a little digging to see if I can learn the significance of it. Though maybe it’s just the imaginative work of the sculptor with no real story behind it, who knows?

    1. Thank you very much Karina. Though it was dark, I’m pretty sure it is a great blue heron. This was wonderful gift to salvage the “sunset that wasn’t” the day I shot this. Sun was in the wrong place, not enough clouds in the sky to add enough drama, but while talking to another photographer who was just as disappointed with the sunset as I was, this bird flew out of the marsh behind us and perched in the tree. It saved the evenings shoot!

  1. Beautiful purple-ish sky in the first photograph. The human head whale tale (which I only know it is from your answer to someone from above) is a really interesting subject and makes a really cool looking silhouette.

    I DO really like that random bird in the second to last too. It almost looks fake.

    1. Thanks Nate. I should look into that statue more to see what it’s all about. One thing about this photo is that I can never make it again. The bridge in the background is no longer there. It was closed down as unsafe, finally removed this past summer, and a new bridge is being built in its place.

      That heron does look fake doesn’t it. If I hadn’t seen it land on the branch myself I would almost think the same thing.

      1. Whoa, thats pretty cool that you have a photograph that can never be recreated. When the new bridge is built you should go get the same composition to compare the photographs Old vs. New.

  2. These are all great photos but I think the bird in the naked pine tree is outstanding. It is a pine tree – right? The way you captured it at that angle is terrific. Very good entries …
    having a little trouble ironing out the kinks in mmy new photo blog … the url doesn’t appear yet in my comments to bloggers. Soooo …. if you’re having trouble – here it is:

    1. Thank you very much Isadora.

      Yes, it is a pine tree of some kind. Not sure why this one is dead, and the one right next to it seems just fine.

      Thanks for the link too!

  3. Wonderful all of them, the last one tickles my imagination most πŸ™‚ Now what I like about each one of them: 1st – colour and bridge silhouette, 2nd- the beak and geometry, 3rd-composition and light; 4th- the mood and this solitary bird; 5th- colours, shapes, mood everything. This is an amazing compilation Jeff!!!! 10 stars!

  4. A little late getting here…

    Some great captures here. The images with the greatest detail always work best. Thanks for sharing, your always terrific, shots 😏

    1. Agreed! Sometimes when you want it you can’t get it, when you don’t, you get too much of it, but in the right image with just the right amount it works very well indeed.

    1. Thanks Brandon. I’m going to get a good photo of the hummingbirds that come to my feeder if it kills me, and if it has to be a silhouette, so be it πŸ™‚

      That last one was also my attempt at a little light painting. I wanted the grass in the foreground lit, but the only flash I have is the little pop-up on my 7D, actually it was 40D for that shot. So I brought along a flashlight. Still trying to perfect my technique, but I am very happy with the overall results, even if the light painting didn’t work out to my complete satisfaction.

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