Since I’m not much of a traveler, I went with an “out-of-place” take on this weeks theme.

The rusted remains of an antique vehicle found in the woods. Laying half covered with brown fallen leaves, all that remains is the frame, firewall, and the engine block. The steering shaft still sticks up through what used to be the floor, the steering wheel spokes and rim are long gone.

Walking through the forest you never know what you might come across. For many of you, finding an old car, or what’s left of it, a piece of farm equipment, or even a grave yard, might seem “out-of-place.” Not here in New Hampshire, or dare I say, most of New England.

Found deep in the woods, the remains of an old horse drawn manure spreader sits among the trees growing up around, over, and through it. The large, spoked steel rear wheels, frame, spreading auger, and the front wheels, as well as what is left of the wood siding and floor, is slowly being reclaimed by the forest.

The forests throughout New Hampshire are often a window into the past. You can’t go far without stumbling upon a stone wall, or some other sign that the forest you’re walking through, was once farmland.


What may now seem out-of-place, was not always so.

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign.

    1. Thank you Richert. They do compliment each other very well I think. To me, the brown leaves really add to the feel that the forest is slowly reclaiming them.

  1. As always, beautiful photos Jeff. The third one in particular gets me to imagine.. vast woods, tomb stones, and halloween, chill…

    1. Thank you, as always, Deborah 🙂 I have a 52 Week Photo Project I’m working on, and this coming weeks theme is Spooky. My photo for the project will be made in this little cemetery.

    1. Thanks Paula. When I was a kid I used to come across things like this all the time in my travels, but never really appreciated the historic significance of them. Usually things like old truck frame and the manure spreader are found fairly close to a working farm. As are these, though they are well into the forest, with no roads or paths nearby. Leading me to believe they’ve been there a very long time. Put to pasture after serving there owners well.

      The cemeteries can be found anywhere. I’ve come across them literally in the middle of nowhere. After finding one, that’s when my inner archeologist comes out. I know that once I’ve found the family burial ground, the home site can’t be far. I will continue my search until I find the old stone foundation where the house once stood. So far, I’ve never not found it 😀

    1. Not sure there’s any restoring that frame. The manure spreader might have a chance at resurrection, but that car/truck frame is in all likelihood too far gone.

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