Buried treasure, hidden gems, forgotten images.

Beginning today, I’m starting a new weekly series titled, you guessed it, “Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.”

I love to make photographs, and I make a lot of them. That’s not to say I’m a “spray and pray, hope for the best” photographer. I am quite deliberate when I press the shutter. However, I am also big on experimentation, unconventional angles, compositions, when everyone else’s cameras are pointing up, mine will be pointing down, etc., so I shoot a lot.

Usually only one or two favorite photos from a day’s shoot catch my eye. I’ll then enhance them to my liking, to then be shared with the world. The other photos, many of them as good, for whatever reason go forgotten as I move on the next shoot.

This series is dedicated to those images that are overlooked. The “Hidden Treasure” buried deep, lost and forgotten, on my hard drive.

Without further delay, this weeks Hidden Treasure.

An intimate portrait of a small section of Garwin Falls in Wilton, NH. Shown during the low flow of summer, with a few smoothed out round depressions in the rock, eroded over many years by the power of the water. A larger cascade of water flows over the rocks image left with a much smaller, thinner flow image right. Vibrant green moss and plants contrast nicely with the dark wet granite.

This weeks Hidden Treasure is an intimate portrait of Garwin Falls in Wilton, NH. Captured on 9/15/2012

(Click on image for a larger view)

Camera: Canon EOS 7D

Lens: Tamron 17-50 f2.8 with B+W CPL filter

Settings: 23mm, iso 100, 13 seconds@f8

Are there any Hidden Treasures waiting to be rediscovered on your hard drive?

Go on a treasure hunt, you may be surprised at what you might find. I’d love to see what you come up with.

19 thoughts on “Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

  1. Love your “hidden treasures” idea, Jeff, and looking forward to many more! I have lots of these, too–do you mind if I borrow your idea too, once in a while?

    1. Gary, you’re more than welcome to.

      I’ll bet I’m not the only one out there with long forgotten photos that deserve their time in the limelight. Oddly enough, I often find images from a given shoot that I actually like more than the ones that caught my eye initially. I wonder how I didn’t pick that one in the first place.

  2. Great idea Jeff and a superb photo that should not be forgotten! Every couple of months I too look through the archives and often find the “forgotten images.” I put them in their proper folders thinking I will get to them in a day or so and then…….

  3. I applaude the “hidden treasure” idea, and I can relate to it very well.. there are quite a few pics that need a second look….. and most often they turn out to be better than the first choices… I like this one better than your usual lush waterfall :). Don’t ask me why, I did not sleep last night 😀

    1. Thank you Paula. Usually when I’m going back through my archives it’s to find more to delete, especially since my hard drive was almost full 🙂 But now with a new 1tb hard drive, I can concentrate on finding more of these “lost” photos.

  4. «The other photos, many of them as good, for whatever reason go forgotten as I move on the next shoot.» I can really relate to this. Sometimes I ‘discover’ photos on my harddisk that I’ve completely forgotten all about.

  5. This makes good practice. I’ve also have those files that catch my eye, but never are satisfied with the final process. A good image, but just not matching up with what I want to be. So they too roam around in purgatory. On the photo, that arch on the waterfall about mid way absolutely rocks this image. I’m glad you went digging 🙂

    1. My biggest problem with these “hidden treasures” is that I simply forget them. I’ll fixate on a favorite or two that immediately catch my eye when I first upload, then I move on the the next shoot. A lot of the time too, I just don’t recognize them as good at the time. It takes me finding them again a few weeks, months, even years later to see them as good photographs. All too often as I come upon them I think, “why the hell didn’t I do anything with this one?”

Comments and thoughtful critiques are always welcome.

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