My first thoughts are of Spring, and new growth. But with Winter rapidly approaching, and the snow that will hopefully come with it, the vibrancy of Spring green is a long way off.

However, several of the images below were captured in the dead of winter.

For those of you thinking “I’d like to create amazing photographs but I don’t have a big fancy DSLR.” Take a close look at the image of my friend Melissa sprawled out on the ice. That’s a Canon G11 in her outstretched hands. Now take a look at the images she makes with it, here. I often envy her ability to put all her gear in her pocket when we get together to shoot.

43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

    1. Thank you! Frosting on a cake is another common description. It’s actually one of my favorite early Spring plants, the false hellebore. I like the fact that unless you know what you’re looking at, it doesn’t really look like a plant.

      1. I also added comments under almost every individual pic 😛 (I haven’t seen other people do that ;). I am worse actually :(. Hope tomorrow will bring me more health. Thanks J.

  1. Beautiful as always, Jeff.

    p.s. – worst part about making the PC to Mac switch: Transferring photographs from external hard drive so that I can reformat external to Mac. What a process! :/

  2. Thanks Nate.

    I wouldn’t know about that. I took a bite of the Apple several years before I picked up my first camera. I hope the transfer went smoothly. I just upgraded from 4gb of memory to 8 and from 250gb HD to a 1Tb in my MacBook Pro. The memory was no big deal, but the hard drive swap had me sweating it the whole time. And that was from Mac to Mac. I was less concerned about replacing the HD myself, that was easy, than I was the data transfer. I was freaking out that something would go wrong the whole time!

    1. Oyy! Its a process taking days! My 1tb external is formatted to PC right now, so the only way to transfer my files besides emailing 1 at a time, that I can think of, is via But when I go to transfer 700 files from one trip to Peru, it takes all day long to upload. Maybe I should invest in some faster speed wifi for my house hahaha. I can’t wait until it is all done and I can format my external HD to Mac though. Oh well, worth it in the long run, loving the Mac!

      1. I would seriously consider talking to someone at the Apple store where you bought your computer. There has to be a better, faster, way to di it. I think they do it for free when you buy the computer if you want. You haven’t had it that long so maybe they’ll stil do it for you.

        Also, take a look here, someone has to know a faster way.

  3. Green has many wonderful shades and can be found any season, as you so wonderfully show here. All of these pictures are beautiful but “Ice mushrooms” is simply magical !

    1. Thanks Lucy! I’m still trying to top “Ice Mushrooms.” I’m constantly keeping my eye out for interesting stream side ice formations whenever I’m out in the winter.

    1. You got me Gary. It has been a while, but when going through looking for “green” photos I came across this one. And it’s so popular I had to share it again. 😀

      1. Sorry, I’m absolutely not out to get you–I remember this most fondly, and am delighted for the chance to savor it once again (and to have your reinforcement that my memory has not failed me)!

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