23 thoughts on “Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

    1. Thanks Gary! Fortunately the clouds and the mist made up got the fact that the wind was wrong. Usually the balloons will come over the water and a few pilots will be kind enough to bring their balloons down and dip the baskets in the water. The wind di finally change, but by then the light was gone.

    1. It sure made up for the fact that the wind was blowing the balloons the wrong way! My favorite part of the rally is the “night glow.” In the evening, after it gets dark, they inflate some of the balloons and by adjusting the mixture on the burner, get the entire balloon to glow. In a field with 8-10 balloons it’s beautiful. This is one of my favorites, http://www.jeffsinon.com/Cars/Art-Of-The-Car/i-pCg3FsM/1/M/hot-air-balloon-night-glow-1-M.jpg

  1. I wondered why I never see a sky like that, but then it dawn on me .. I am still sleeping ๐Ÿ˜‰ These fluffy pink clouds are just breathtaking..

    1. Thanks Belen. Does this mean we can expect a new post from you soon? Lately it seems that right after you leave a comment on my blog, I get a notification of a new post from you ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Actually, I was planning to get a new post up at the end of last week, but the weekend turned out to be insane. Now that I know someone’s expecting it, I’ll try to get it done asap :).

  2. Wow! This is incredible sky color. Also love mist just over the water of the lake. What time was this taken, 5-530am?

    This is right up there with my favorites of your images!

      1. Yes, I’m definitely getting old. The other day I parked my bike for the winter because I didn’t feel safe bicycling in the darkness (I have no lights). That’s such an old man’s way of thinking…

        They say that Inside every old man there’s a young boy wondering: “what happened?”.

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