Night time photo of the north church in Portsmouth, NH. Vertical image of the well lit steeple in the background, and a nicely decorated Christmas tree in the foreground.

Give the gift that lasts all year long.

It’s that time of year again, the time for holiday gift giving. What better way to do it than to give the gift of local art. Since nobody really wants to fight the crowds on “Black Friday,” just to buy the same gift a thousand others have bought (do they?), why not give a unique, one of a kind piece of art from a local artist or crafts-person?

Starting today, November 20, and lasting through December 10, I’m offering 20% off site wide with the coupon code: BLACK20. That’s 21 days of Black Friday savings!

Thank you, BUT…

Here’s the important part. While I would be very appreciative should you choose to give one of my images as a gift this Holiday season, the main point of this post is this:


Support your local photographer, painter, woodworker, sculptor, well you get the idea. Avoid the Mall and the Big Box stores, support the arts and BUY LOCAL!

23 thoughts on “BUY LOCAL ART!!

    1. Thanks David! I sincerely hope people follow my suggestion. There is a lot of amazing art out there, made by countless “unknown” artists, that would make excellent gifts.

  1. Wonderful post, Jeff. My niece i a painter, and I’m giving a number of her prints as gifts this year. A win-win – she gets the sales and my family get beautiful, unique and meaningful gifts! Your photos are beautiful and your offer is a great idea! 😉

    1. Thank you so very much, sadly I’ve chosen to decline all awards. Please see the more detailed comment I left on your blog.

      I would however like to congratulate on your nomination. Well deserved! 🙂

            1. You and me both! But in all honesty, as much as I would really like to turn this into a full time profession, I would still be out with my camera every chance I get even if I never sold another print. The last thought that goes through my mind when I press the shutter is, “I wonder if this will sell.” If I find myself taking pictures solely for the purpose of making money, I think it’s time to put away the camera.

              1. It’s funny that you say that — when I was playing in the Wilmington Symphony, it was always a surprise when I received a check (it was very small, but it was something) for a month of rehearsals and performances. I enjoyed playing so much that I would forget that we were also going to be paid!

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