29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

    1. Thanks, it’s a beaver. One of two I was photographing that day. One posed nicely for me and didn’t seen to care that I was there. This one on the other hand, if I even blinked it was gone in a splash. But it kept coming back.

      1. That’s amazing Jeff that you can be closer to beavers and bears and not get attacked. I am a city girl, never been that close to nature, but I sure like to look pictures of animals.

    1. Thanks Scott. There is a local reservoir that I drive by every day on my way to and from work. One day, a year or so ago as the ice was starting to melt, I saw them feeding in the open water along the edge and knew I had to come back with my camera.

    1. Thanks Gary. I was doing a shoot for someone looking for fly fishing images to give as gifts for Xmas. In this, and several others, I wanted to convey the essence of the art without actually showing the entire angler.

      And yes I do fly-fish. Sadly the rods have not left their tubes in far too long as the photography has taken over. This, and the entire series of photos have re-lit the fire though. I will be leaving the camera behind and taking my fly rod much more often this coming year. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

  1. As a fly fisherman (fisherwoman?) myself I have to also say that I love the last one. It makes me itchy to go find a fish or two… or maybe just three… hey why not four…

    1. I’m really glad to see that last image has struck a cord with so many people, both here on other places I’ve shown it. I think it captures the essence of the art of fly fishing. And why stop at four? There are streams in the mountains here in New Hampshire where I can catch beautiful native brook trout all day long. Even though they usually average only 4″-8″ long, on my 1wt rod they feel like a 5lb fish. I can’t wait for spring!

  2. As others have stated, my fav is the last one of the flyfisher person. Nothing better for me when it comes to outdoor activities than flyfishing here in and around Spokane. Thanks for sharing the images!

    Best to you and family for a thoughful Christmas

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