I’ve said that before, haven’t I?

Over the last few years, instead of being envious of my friends who ventured into to mountains, returning with spectacular photographs, I was going to hike to the mountain tops to make my own. But there was always something in the way. Lack of proper gear to hike in the frigid, wind-swept mountains, also, while always smoldering, I seemed to lack sufficient “fire” to give me the final push. Always something holding me back.

This is THE year!

With my friend Nate, the summit of Mt. Avalon in New Hampshire was a good place to kick it off.

Alpenglow reaches the summit of Mount Washington, piercing through a gap in the clouds. The snowy peaks of the rest of the Presidential Range trailing off into the distance towards image left.

2013 Is Going To Be A Great Year!

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

    1. It was gorgeous up there yesterday Stephanie. Cold, windy, and I realize just how much better shape I need to be in, but oh so worth it! And the hike down in the dark was pretty cool too!

    1. Thanks Lucy! It was an amazing day. It’s taken a couple of years of slowly piecing together the gear to safely hike the mountains in the winter, but it was well worth the wait.

    1. Thanks Jude. The we passed several other hikes on their way down as we were heading up, we had the entire summit to ourselves the entire time we were up there.

    1. Thank Jo. The plan is already in play. The hike for this photo was just the first of what I hope to be many winter hike in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

  1. What a beautiful accomplishment, Jeff! I’d love to have been with you, but I very likely would only have slowed you down. Thanks for taking us up there!

    1. You would have been more than welcome, and you could have shared the frequent rest stops sucking wind with me 😀
      I definitely need to get into better shape. What better way to do it than by “doing it” though!

    1. A friend describes the snow covered forests in the mountains as “Narnia,” having seen the movie, it fits. It is a magical place, with only brief glimpses through the trees of the surrounding mountains on the way up. Then, after the last steep push to the summit you break out of the trees to that view!

  2. Nice, Jeff, photo came out great. I saw in a comment above you mention describing the area as “Narnia”. I have to admit, while walking through those pristine snow-covered pines, that’s exactly what I was thinking it looked like!

  3. What an admirable goal, Jeff! And this shot is a great reward :). Maybe someday I’ll have the drive to follow your example and have another go at the mountains in the area, this time with my D90 (last time I was about 15…).

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