A Black Among The Green.

Being “Unique” makes this American black duck drake stand out among a crowd of mallards.

Standing on a mud bank, surrounded by four green headed drake mallard ducks, and two hens, a lone drake American Black Duck, strips of iridescent green on the sides of it's bowed head, stands out amidst the flashier "green heads." Four more hen mallards float in gently rippled water in the background.

Who doesn’t like the mallard duck? With its beautiful iridescent green head and mahogany breast feathers, a beautiful bird my anyone’s standard. For me though, the American Black Duck, a drake seen above bowing to the camera, is a more attractive bird. Not being a very flashy guy myself, perhaps what draws me more to what most consider a rather drab looking duck, is the subtle beauty of the iridescent green visible only on the sides of the drakes head, compared to the “in your face,” bright green covering the entire head of the much showier mallard. Does anyone really like a show-off?

Often mistaken for a hen mallard, the black duck has darker plumage and while the violet-blue speculum on the mallard’s wing is bordered by white on both sides, the black ducks usually has no, or only one faint white border on the speculum’s leading edge.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

    1. Well you have to admit, compared to his present company he’s pretty dull. I think of him as a naturally beautiful woman who doesn’t need any make-up to be the center of attention, standing among a group of women who spent hours in front of a mirror caking on the lipstick and eye shadow.

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