15 thoughts on “Sunday’s Hidden Treasure

    1. Thank you Mark. I was glad to have come away with something since the sky was certainly lacking in the drama department. This wasn’t even the mountain range I was there to photograph. The Presidential Range, which includes Mt. Washington, the tallest peak in the eastern U.S. is to the right out of the frame. That is usually my main subject from Cherry Pond, but this reflection caught my eye just before packing it in for the 2+ mile hike out.

    1. Thank you Belen, yes we are. It’s also fortunate that there are protected places like this so I’ll never have to worry about seeing a house on the shoreline. Unlike so many other lakes and ponds. Oh my, I’m starting to sound like a tree hugger 😀

    1. Thanks again Cardinal. When I “re-discovered” this photo I’m surprised I forgot about it in the first place. Part of the inspiration for my “Hidden Treasure” posts is images like these. I have quite a few that, for whatever reason, didn’t make the cut soon after the shoot. But then looking through my archives I find so many of these “now why didn’t I share that?” images.

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