32 thoughts on “Weekly “Phoneography” Challenge: My Neighborhood

    1. Thank you! The iPhone, with all the available photo apps is a great tool. Being able to capture, edit, and share, all within a few minutes of taking the photo is pretty cool. If my “real” camera could do that I’d be able to spend less time on my butt in front of the computer, and more time out in the woods where I really want to be πŸ˜€

    1. It was worth every lung busting step to be on the summit! I have learned one valuable lesson, my iPhone hates the cold. This was the only shot I was able to get before it shut down that afternoon. I guess I’ll have to start putting it in the same pocket as my spare batteries. I always put a chemical hand warmer in with them. Works wonders for keeping the batteries alive when the temps are in the single digits.

      Remember that last tip, could mean the difference between getting your shots, and running out of battery too soon πŸ˜‰

        1. Thanks! When I had my 40D, I carried 3 batteries with me on winter shoots. And only put the battery in the camera when I was actually shooting. Otherwise they were at least in an inside pocket, more often than not with a hand warmer. I have to admit, my 7D has awesome battery life compared to the 40D. I use live view just as much, and have never had to change batteries out. Even in the single digits. I still carry an extra though. The second I leave the spare behind is when the battery will die two shots in, 2 miles form the car πŸ˜›

          1. There is nothing worse than a battery running out. While Mike and I have been walking on the beach this week here in South Carolina, I don’t always want to lug my camera bag along with me, but I always have a spare battery in my pocket. No way am I going to miss out on an opportunity :).

    1. Thanks Terri! That was taken at one of my favorite spots. I’ve been trying to capture a perfect sunrise there, at least the one in my head ;-), for some time now.

    1. You know it! What the first photo doesn’t show is that looking straight out my front door and across the road, there is nothing but woods and then some farm pastures for about 2 miles.

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