Nik logoMost of you know I’m a huge fan of the Nik Creative Plugins. In fact, I can’t remember the last image that wasn’t processed in one way or another with at least one of them. Whether it’s DFine 2 for outstanding noise reduction, one of Color Efex Pro 4′s many creative filters, or the unbelievable pinpoint control in Viveza 2, when I want to get the most out of my images I turn to one of the Nik Creative Plugins.

Many of you may have also heard that Nik Software is now part of Google, and like me wondered what changes were going to take place as the result of this merger. Well I can tell you you’re going to love what they’ve done. They’ve done something unheard of, improved all the plugins and lowered the price! The plugins I’ve raved about at $299.00 (U.S.) is now just $149.00 (U.S.). For the complete collection! Not only that, they’ve made it even easier to install with a single uploader that installs all 6 plugins, where before you had to install each individually.

Oh, there’s more you say? Of course there is. You can save an additional 15% by clicking this LINK, and entering the code: JSINON during checkout.

At Nik it really is about “Photography First.”

13 thoughts on “The Best Just Got Better.

    1. You’re welcome Scott. I paid full price for it myself, and don’t regret it on bit. Don’t forget to use the links and my discount code and it should save you even more 😀

    1. Color Efex Pro 4 is just one of the plugins in the complete collection. In Color Efex there are over 50 filters that can be applied to an image. Also, multiple filters can be applied, adjusted, and the whole thing can be saved as a “Recipe.” This recipe can then be applied to an image with one click instead of having to add and adjust each filter individually.

      You also get:
      DFine 2, the best noise reduction software I’ve ever used.

      Sharpener Pro 3, an amazing sharpening plugin that has both a RAW pre-sharpener and output sharpening component.

      Viveza 2. I don’t even know where to begin with how much control Viveza gives you over an image. Everything from individual color, contrast, brightness, warmth, and more, on as small or large an area as you feel needs correction.

      Silver Efex Pro 2. If you want stunning black and white images, this is THE program you want!

      HDR Efex Pro 2. I don’t do much HDR, but when I do, and if I want natural results, this is where I turn. Of course you can go full tilt and create as wild an HDR image as you desire.

      If you have any doubts, download the free 15 day trial, then go over to the Nik website and watch some of the free training videos. I can almost guarantee that if it’s in your budget you’ll be reaching for the credit card before the 15 days is up. I bought it at the original price of $299 and still think it was the best $299 I’ve spent on my photography.

      1. Thank you so much for such a thorough explanation. I also just purchased the full package last month and agree that these are fantastic ! If I had only known about the price drop sooner. But I would have lost that month of marvelousness.

    2. I would also like to add, if you download the trial and or end up buying it, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I’m far from an expert, but I’ve been using these plugins for over 2 years now and on all my images.

  1. Thanks so much for blogging this Jeff! I hadn’t heard about the discount until I saw your post! I’ve been wanting to use the Nik plug-ins for a long time but found them a bit cost prohibitive. Not now! I purchased the Suite and am so excited! Thanks Google for the price drop! And thank you again Jeff! I used your link and discount code. It’s the least I could do. 🙂

    Something tells me this purchase will rank right up there with some of the all-time best bang-for-my-buck purchases, including my battery grip (a must) and Lightroom (a must).

    Of course now there will be hours of learning the Nik products, but I’m sure it will be time well spent!

    1. You’re very welcome Rick. I have considered the Nik plugins one of the absolute best purchases I’ve made. And I paid the original price, and would do it again. This price drop is just too good to be true. I know you’re going to enjoy the plugins. Since I’ve been using them for over two years now, while not an expert I do know quite a bit. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email via the “Contact” page.

  2. I received an email today from ‘The NIK Collection by Google’ (so did other friends of mine who use NIK products) that said “As a registered owner of one or more of our software products, we are pleased to announce that you are now eligible for a free copy of the new Nik Collection by Google, which includes all six of our award-winning plun-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture.” Also is included is a download like to get your free copy. I’ve now got all six products fron NIK. I though this was too good to be true. Check your email folders today. A couple of my friends found the email in their junk folder.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Bennie. However, it was the email that you mentioned that prompted this post 😀 I was actually dragging my feet about upgrading HDR Efex because I haven’t been doing much HDR lately. When I got this email and the upgrade link I was at work and couldn’t wait to get home. I kissed my wife and daughter hello, and headed right for the computer!

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