35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. I don’t know .. the clumsy caterpillar looks dashing to me :D. This is a fabulous take on the theme, and the photos that make me wish for more 🙂

    1. Thanks Paula. You would be amazed at how a caterpillar that is as large as these are can be so hard to see, but they are so cool once you find them. You’ll have to wait for mor because I still haven’t capture a photograph of a Monarch butterfly that I’m truly happy with.

          1. Yes! Absolutely 🙂 I booked a hotel for 7 days for July at about 1,000 m altitude somewhere in the green between two major Italian lakes.. .there should be butterflies there I guess.

    1. Thank you very much Pam. I thought the waterfall image might be playing it a little loose with the interpretation, but I’ve played it a lot looser in the past 😀

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