While there is a person in this photograph, it’s the background that steals the show.

Awaiting Sunrise. Mt Washington, NH

It’s a long way down from here! Is that Spiderman in the background.

A rock climber dressed in a bright red shirt clings to the face of Cathedral Ledge.

My friend Tracy has more enthusiasm for life than anyone I’ve ever met. Which is why I titled this image “Tracy Is Energy”

While she is busy photographing me, the view in the background is impossible to ignore.

Photographer in motion. Tracy readies her camera to photograph me. All the while there is a beautiful scene under the setting sun behind her.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background.

    1. 😀 I’m always happy when one of my photographs garners that kind of reaction. By the way, remember that print I’m raffling off to support the Mt. Washington Observatory, to which you so graciously made a pledge? Well, you’re in the lead!

      “In the lead for what?” she asks. If you’re a fan on my Facebook page you might know. If you don’t know what you’re in the lead for, you might want to pay a visit to my page to see how I’ve sweetened the deal in order to entice pledges(just look for the photo that I’m raffling off to get the info).

    1. Yes, every single one of them. The first is from Mt. Washington, the second is Cathedral Ledge in Conway, and the third is Foss Mountain in Eaton. I can only imagine how different NH is from SoCal.

  1. First one is just awe inspiring, Jeff. What wonderfully cool colors. My favorite background mountain photographs are always the ones with the hazy, diffused ridge lines. Reminds me of Japanese paintings. Overall, well rounded series with good examples of adding subjects to landscape.

    1. Thanks Brandon. Definitely a few firsts for me. The first one, having the woman in the shot really adds a sense of scale. Even though I usually avoid having people in any of my photos, I have pretty much the same photo after she walked away, but I like the one with her in it much better. I only wish I knew who she was.

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