It’s All About The Light.

For the photographs I strive to make, one thing matters above all else. That one thing is the light. The best light is often fleeting, frequently lasting mere minutes. If you aren’t prepared for the best light, if you are unable to recognize its onset, you may very well miss out.

Within minutes the sun would be gone, hidden behind the distant mountains. I actually had several minutes to set up this shot, seemingly an eternity when it comes to the ideal light. 

As the sun is about to set over the distant mountains, it cast its last rays over the summit of Foss Mountain.

In this shot, I had approximately 3 1/2 minutes from when the pink fire ignited the sky to when the flames flickered out. Had I not been prepared, I may very well have missed this shot.

Dramatic, firey, sunrise over Baxter Lake in Farmington, NH. The underglow from the rising sun give the cloud filled sky the appearance it is ablaze in purple, pink, and orange fire. All this drama is beautifully refelcted in the glass smooth water. In the lower left of the image, in water so shallow that the sandy bottom can be seen through the mirrored surface of the lake.  

The ability to not only recognize the best light, but also to recognize when the best light is about to happen, before it happens, are the two skills, more than almost any other, that have made me a better photographer. 

The next time you’re out photographing in absolutely beautiful light, think hard and remember what lead up to that light. Soon, with enough time and experience, you’ll never miss another shot because you weren’t ready for the light.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

    1. Thank you! The first one is Foss Mountain in Eaton. It’s a little hard to find, but let me know the next time your in NH and I’ll give you directions. It’s hard to believe the view is as good as it is considering the hike from the parking area is about 10-15 minutes. It almost seems like you should have to work harder for it 🙂

      The second one is Baxter Lake in Rochester/Farmington.

    1. Thank you, but I disagree. I think yours shows in a much more illustrative way how fleeting the light can be. Mine only shows the end result when I get it “right.”

  1. And how salutary to know that that exact moment will never return. It makes your photograph so very special. Just one fragment of the eternal picture. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing with us.

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