24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

    1. Thank you very much. I’m always pleased, and more than a little surprised when someone tells me that one of my images, or my photography in general, is a source of inspiration.

      For long exposures like this one the only thing you really need, besides good light of course, is a good tripod. I can’t stress that enough. Forget hand-holding, without a decent tripod, anything in the photo that’s supposed to be sharp will be just as “soft and silky” as the moving water.

  1. Wah! When did you take this Jeff?! Love it. This is the kind of coastal stuff I want to go shoot!


    p.s. The lighting in the sky is very Mount Doom-esque 😀

    1. Thanks Nate, this was last weekend. I’ve been quite the weather gambler the last few months when it comes to coastal sunrises. If there is even the slightest chance that the sun will find a break in the clouds before the horizon is clouded over, I’m there! The weather has won out more often than not, but when I win, I win BIG! 😀

      For me, the absolute worst thing to happen on my way to the coast in the morning is for the clouds to break up and disappear. But I don’t come home empty handed, those clear blue sky mornings are when I turn away from the sun and see what it’s doing to the rocky outcroppings. The next time you’re up, we need to hit the coast!

  2. Really love this one, Jeff. My favorite aspect is how the action in the foreground is subdued, the horizon is warm and then you sandwich in that action in the middle. Perfectly composed.

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