The best time to compose a landscape photograph vertically…

…is immediately after your horizontal composition of course.

Since this weeks challenge is inspired by my latest article for the WordPress Photography 101 series, this is definitely one I couldn’t miss.

So here are a few of my landscape images. Same place, same day, shot both horizontally and vertically.

39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.

    1. Thank you very much, I do try 😉

      You always keep me guessing which header it is you like so much. Since there isn’t a single image, but a random selection, hopefully you like them all.

        1. Ah, one of my favorite places in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. As I’ve only ever been there in the winter, I finally got to see it without any snow when I hiked Mt. Washington for the first time in July. It’s just as spectacular, though I prefer winter 🙂

              1. If that is ever possible I would greatly appreciate this ! Betcha I could learn a lot about photography toooooo

  1. Lovely shots like always Jeff and it’s cool that the challenge was inspired by one of your posts. Sometimes the challenges are too easy and straight forward, but this challenge makes people think about what they’re doing with their cameras. In other words: a perfect challenge.

    I went out and shot some photos last night while my family was preparing Friday night dinner. Check out the results:

    1. Thank you Cardinal!

      I must admit, being the inspiration for the weekly theme is pretty cool.

      I think anything that makes the photographer think about the shot they are making can only lead to improvement in their photographs.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful all of them 🙂 In almost all of these I am sort of inclined more to portrait 🙂 Great job teaming up with CL 😀

      1. I tend to agree with the general consensus. If I remember correctly, in ever instance the vertical one was shot first. Sometimes I actually have to remind myself to shoot horizontally.

    1. Thank you Paula!

      With my two articles for WordPress, being the inspiration for this weeks challenge, and having my new website featured Here, and Here, I’m riding high on my prolonged “15 minutes of fame.” 😀

  3. I’m particularly drawn to the vertical canoe shot. There is an element of suspense about it that makes me want to wait around a little – just to see what happens next.

    1. Thanks Madhu! Look again, the header has probably changed 😉 In fact, I’ve got enough new images that I may go through and replace everything that randomly shows as a header with newer photos.

      Gotta keep my fans from getting bored 😀

  4. What wonderful pictures, especially the picture “Layers, Mountains in Green” . The foreground showing various shades of green and yellow with a background of green blue mountains being shown up by that lovely orange glow.

    1. Thank you. I was really trying to capture the light hitting the first ridge in the photo. After getting a few of your standard wide angle shots taking in the entire scene. I change to a telephoto lens and zoomed in on this one area.

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