Mount Washington Summit In The Alpenglow

Thank you for your support!

This past July, the Mount Washington Observatory held its annual “Seek The Peak” fund raiser. I’ve been wanting to climb Mt. Washington, the tallest peak in the eastern U.S., “Home Of The Worlds Worst Weather,” and record holder, at 231 mph (372 kph), for the highest surface wind speed ever recorded, for a few years now, but for one reason or another kept putting it off.

(Maybe it was the weather 😉 )

I decided this year was going to be the year I stopped putting it off, and did it! And what better reason than as part of the 13th annual “Seek The Peak?”

But how, in such a tight economy could I solicit pledges for my hike? What could I offer those I was seeking pledges from to entice them to support the MWOBS? Well since most of the people I reached out to are also fans of my photography, I chose a print of “Mount Washington Summit In The Alpenglow.”

But not just one print, there were two chances to win. As a thank you for their support, for each $10 pledge, their names went into a drawing for a 16″x24″ signed print of one of my favorite images, featuring Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range. To sweeten the deal, the person making the largest single pledge would automatically receive a signed, 20″x30″ canvas gallery wrap.

So, without further ado…

The winner, by random drawing, of the hand signed 16″x24″ is

Cindy Taylor

Her blog, Photos From The Loonybin is always fun,(check out the weekly “Mystery Photo” posted every Friday).

Thanks Cindy!

The Grand Prize winner of the 20″x30″ canvas gallery wrap, hand signed and ready to hang goes to,

Stephanie Martin 

Her pledge of $40 was the largest single donation and earned her the top prize in the raffle!

Stop by her very well written, and often very moving blog, Love In The Spaces.

Thanks Stephanie!

Special thanks also goes out to the following for their generous support:

Adam Woodworth

Mike Blanchette

Donna Wynott

Donna Sinon – Thanks Mom!

Tracey Streeto

Chris Whiton

Steve & Jayme Chalifoux

Rick Stevenson

John Whedon

Deborah Hill

Thank you all!

5 thoughts on “And The Winners Are…

  1. Woweeeeee!!! I won, I won :). As a person who has always been very fascinated by weather and especially extreme weather, I was happy to contribute to to this fund raiser, and now to have won your beautiful print is just the icing on the cake. Thank you so much Jeff, and congrats on such a wonderful achievement in Seek the Peak!!

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