The lovely curves of an old Chevy pickup. Covered in meticulously laid orange paint.

What did you expect with a title like that, a naked woman?

Every so often the influence of my “real” job rears its ugly head in my photography. It happened again a little over a week ago.

Sunday, August 18th, was a very long day for me. As I mentioned in this postI had gotten up at 1:30 in the morning to be on top of a mountain for sunrise. The Barrington, NH Antique Truck Show just happened to be on the same day. Even though I was running on very little sleep, I couldn’t resist the allure of polished chrome, and custom paint.

About Thursday’s Special.

A theme-less photographic free-for-all for you to share your interpretation of the world around you, brought to you by Paula. Stop by her blog and share whatever photo(s) tickles your fancy.

15 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Luscious Curves

  1. Nope, I did not expect a woman :D. This is one ass-kicking photo, and I am thrilled and honoured with your participation and contribution, Jeff. You’ve made me smile 🙂 THANK YOU.

    1. After my “Nice Legs” post about tripods, I knew I wouldn’t fool you.

      I think this is going to be fun! I like having themes provided in the regular WP Weekly Photo Challenge, it works the creativity muscles. But with yours we get to share whatever we’re in the mood to share. The best of both worlds. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Rachel! This was one of the few really nice customs left by the time I got there. The weather was turning a little “iffy” and I think a lot of the owners wanted to get their babies back home.

      Next year I’ll have to get there early and stretch the day on the other end and go out for sunset instead of the other way around 😀

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