A Quick Apology

Last night we lost power, and while logged in to WordPress on my iPhone somehow an old weekly photo challenge post, from more than a year ago, ended up on the top of the list of posts in the WP app and I inadvertently republished it.

The original post was from back in June of 2012, so not sure why it showed up at the top of the list, or how my big clumsy man-thumbs republished it from my iPhone. Sorry for all the excitement, and sorry for the let-down for those of you who clicked on the notification email, only to be directed to a post that wasn’t there. ย I quickly deleted it as soon as I realized my error.

As Homer Simpson would say, “DOH!”

(For those of you just dying to see the post, just click the image below)

Peacock Tail Feather

13 thoughts on “Oops!

    1. Missed the first one, how could you!?!? And here I am thinking everyone who’s subscribed to my blog spends their day glued to the computer to ensure they never miss a post. There’s on delusion down! Only 498 to go! ๐Ÿ˜›

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