Capturing The Color

Again this year the great folks over at Capture the Colour are sponsoring their “Capture the Colour” photo contest. 

And again this year I’m throwing my hat, er my images, into the ring.

Not remotely as well-traveled as many of my blogging friends, my travel is usually confined to the wild and scenic places of New Hampshire.

Enjoy the Color!


Autumn Road

Autumn Road.

Though red is not the dominant color in this image, I chose it for the brilliant reds found in the foliage. Red is the reason, along with the yellows, oranges and golds, that so many flock to the region every fall. 

Autumn in New Hampshire is certainly worth traveling to. 


Yellow rose petals on the brick sidewalk. Downtown Portsmouth, NH

Rose Petals On The Sidewalk. Portsmouth, New Hampshire


The brilliant white steeple of the North Church in Portsmouth, NH

North Church Steeple. Photographed during the “blue hour.”

Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Above tree line, looking over Tuckerman Ravine towards the summit of Mt. Washington, NH

Overlooking Tuckerman Ravine from the Boott Spur Trail. The summit of Mt. Washington in the distance. Captured on my inaugural hike to the summit of the tallest peak in the eastern U.S. and “Home to the worlds worst weather.”

White Mountains, New Hampshire.


Winter wonderland. The snow covered mountains of New Hampshire.

Winter Wonderland. 

From the summit of Mt. Avalon, over-looking the valley below, Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range receiving the last rays of the setting sun in the distance.

White Mountains, New Hampshire.

From the mountains to the sea,

We have it all here. Without question, New Hampshire is worth a visit.

I’d like to invite the following bloggers, all of their photographs and travels I greatly admire, to take part, and with luck, win!


Zhang Wenjie




All of the above create excellent imagery, and most travel way more than I will ever be able to. (Big bonus, only one of them is likely to kill me for including her :-D) I encourage you all to stop by their blogs and pay them a visit.

55 thoughts on “Capture The Color

  1. Following on from a previous post of yours about Photo Contest rules, you’re OK with their Ts & Cs: By entering the competition, you grant a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable and transferable licence to reproduce, publish, adapt, communicate and broadcast all or part of your entry in any form and media (including entry and blog address) in any medium or method on any media to be exercised at’s sole discretion throughout the world.

    1. Yes and no. You’ll notice the photos in the post are all watermarked. Should I win, highly unlikely though that may be, then they can use my images and l’ll provide watermark free versions. But I never submit un-watermarked images to contests like this for just the reasons you mention. I still get eyes on my photos, while leaving them with photos they can’t really use when/if I don’t win. And if submitting watermarked photos either disqualifies me or decreases my odds of winning, so be it.

        1. Unfortunately my following is relatively small, growing steadily, but still small, compared to other, more famous photographers/bloggers, so there’s only so much I can do in my effort to get people to read the rules/requirements for entering contests.

          I’ll do my best, and continue to bring up this topic from time to time in an effort to educate more people.

    1. Thanks! I live in a great part of the world, and people travel from all over the world to visit. So I guess I should be less concerned about the places I’ll never see, and enjoy to the fullest what I know I will.

      There’s just so much of the world I’d love to see in person, that I know I’ll have to settle for visiting vicariously through all of the great blogs I follow.

    1. As soon as I found I needed to invite 5 other bloggers, I immediately had my list in mind. I follow a lot of great photographers, but the ones I chose to invite are fortunate enough to travel a lot, and be good at capturing their travels for others to enjoy.

      And since I know I’ll likely never visit any of these places in person, I’m thankful for those of you who can and create images that allow me to feel like I was there.

      1. I know I am fortunate to have found my way on the road and am looking forward to snapping even better shots to show you and others the beauties out there and what makes me feel great in the middle of it all.

        Because Travels are wonderful only when you can share with those who are meaningful to you.

        My take on capturing the colors is ready and showing :

        Have a superb day!

  2. Beautiful collection Jeff! Red and White are my favourites. By the way, I must correct you. My health condition doesn’t allow me to travel more than a few miles away from home 😦 Thanks a lot for liking my pictures anyway!

    1. Not really any correction needed. While I only vaguely remember you mentioning a health condition, your images tell me you don’t travel much. None the less, when choosing the 5 people I wanted to invite to enter this contest there was no question you were going to be one of them. I don’t consider your style of photography as “travel” any more than I consider mine to be, your photos are spectacular and should make anyone want to visit the area. I know I do. Of course I would hope to run into you on the unlikely chance I ever did visit. I figure, if I stand close enough while your making pictures a little of your talent might rub off on me πŸ˜€

    1. You’ve chosen my favorites as well. Autumn and winter are easily my favorite times of year to be outdoors photographing. Even more so after last winter when I became addicted to winter hiking.

            1. My Friday off too, every other. But I am busy, oh so busy. Sitting on my butt at the computer in between loads of laundry, vacuuming, and waiting for the furnace guys to show up. Gotta love those “we’ll be there between 10 a.m. and the end of time” appointments.

              1. LOL – yes! We usually ask them to call us about 1/2 hour before they will be here. Local companies will usually do that, but the large chains won’t. I should be reading my scholarly articles (feel free to visit for quips about what I do when I am avoiding my school work – I will probably be adding a post today as I can’t seem to get out of my grogginess this morning (stupid fall allergies))

                1. It’s not really that big a deal. You see there is a method to my madness when it comes to house work on my days off. Doing it all earns me huge brownie points and lots of free camera time πŸ˜€

                  You have another blog? Is “Band Camp” no more?

                  1. LOL – brownie points are great! I earned some yesterday by cleaning the bathroom (we have slightly reversed roles in this household), and today I plan to clean another bathroom πŸ˜€
                    I do have another blog, but Band Camp will continue on! The other one is all writing and musing since I am stuck at a computer so often and not able to get out and take photos (I am writing my thesis)

                    1. Cool, I shall check it out!

                      Thesis, really? They require one of those for a basket weaving degree? Sounds a little bit overly high-brow to me πŸ˜›

                    2. That’s right – you knew about that! LOL

                      Basket-weaving can be trickier than you would think – requires engineering. In fact, I will get to add PBE after my name on my business cards – professional basket engineer. A lot of calculations go into how much weight a basket can hold, how wide the basket strips need to be, and don’t get me started on the market research about preferences of those that use baskets for sewing vs those that use them to store books by their nightstand…it’s a complicated world, basket weaving… πŸ˜‰

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