An empty carousel at closing time at the fair.

There is something about the fair at night.  The fair at night feels more alive, more exciting, once the sun goes down.

The barkers on the midway calling for you to “step right up…win a prize,” seem louder, more insistent, as they work to entice you to play their game.

Long exposure night time shot of a carousel

Brilliant neon and the too bright glare of incandescent lighting replaces the warm glow of the mid day sun.

Ferris Wheel In Red, White, And Blue.

Children and the still young at heart stare wide-eyed at the kaleidoscope of light and motion at every turn. Every inward breath bringing with it the mixed aromas of popcorn, hot dogs, and a thousand others.

A Night At The Fair

Yet surrounded by all this excitement, there is also calm.

the graceful curve of a sleeping calves neck

Even amidst this raucous din, one can still find peace, and a quiet warmth within the livestock barns. Once you cross the threshold onto the soft carpet of sawdust and hay, the lively sounds of the fair recede into the  background like a radio playing low in the distance.  At night, as the constant influx of people lessens, the animals settle in for the evening, laying down to rest. The occasional lowing of a cow, or bleat of a lamb, the only sound breaking the relative silence.

A cuddly group of kid goats, sleeping one atop the other

Yes, there is something magical about the fair at night.

35 thoughts on “A Night At The Fair

  1. I loved the show as a child. Now that I am an adult (who occasionally has a thing with crowds) not so much, but it is lovely to experience it in this way, watching the vibrance from a distance 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    Miss Lou

    1. I’m the same way, though now I get to see it through my daughters eyes. As for the crowds, I’m not a fan either.

      I’m glad I could capture the fair for you to enjoy.

  2. I loved going to the fair as a child and haven’t thought about it until I saw your post. My, the good times we forget!

    Thank you Jeff for bringing a piece of my childhood back! 🙂

    1. Thanks Chrisstov, it was the perfect way to end the night at the fair. My daughter was getting tired, though she wouldn’t admit it, so it was the perfect wind-down on our way back to the car.

    1. They are fun, that’s for sure. Especially at night. Though I have found that as I’m getting older my tolerance for rides has gone WAY down. If the Tilt-A-Whirl had lasted just a little longer…

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