21 thoughts on “And Then It Was Said…

    1. Thank you Miss Lou, that is somewhat what I was going for the day I made the series of images this is a part of. I’m glad it worked out, some of my hair-brained schemes don’t 😉

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you said which header you liked. Many people comment on my header image, but never say which one. Since it’s always changing it’s nice to know which of my images is resonating with people.

      1. I do note your header images and find it interesting how sometimes a slice of the image as in these, often makes a very strong comment. I liked your hot air balloon shots but think this header is far stronger for being cropped like this.

        1. I agree. Often after I’ve uploaded and cropped an image to be used as one of the header images I really like the crop and may have to try printing it that way. Sometimes less really is more.

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