Yes it was!

Many of you who read my blog regularly know how I often enjoy spending my mornings.

The morning usually starts out with a pre-dawn hike, often several miles through the still dark mountains,  just as often alone, racing the rising sun in search of a spectacular view.

 This past Sunday was no exception.

With autumn in full swing here in New Hampshire, I chose to welcome the new day atop Mt. Crawford in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest.

Yes indeed, with this view before me not long after sunrise, it was a Good Morning!

Gorgeous fall color in Crawford Notch, NH

And here I am taking it all in.Enjoying The View

And yes it will be!

In one weeks time, this view will be the first thing I see as I poke my head out of my tent.

THAT will be a good morning!

A Room With A View

57 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

  1. what a view!!!! you make me yearn for New Hampshire when I have never set foot in the state! you’re good!

    I had quite an enjoyable view of a sunrise over the mountains recently, right before hiking my first 14ers and hope you’ll enjoy it when time comes to post about it! … 😀

    1. Thank you Katjusa. I whole-heartedly suggest you give climbing in the morning a try. With a good headlamp(don’t forget spare batteries), hiking in the dark can be fun. And seeing the sun come up from high on a mountain makes getting up and on the trail so early well worth it.

      1. I believe you, but am usually really too bussy and I don`t have time because of my work. I’ll be headed to morning hike or climb to a near by hill (864m) tomorrow morning and the day after tomorrow morning.

  2. There is no better way to start off my day than seeing your beautiful photos :). MIke and I were going to drive north to capture the colours this weekend, but unfortunately it’s supposed to pour rain all weekend :(.

    1. Thank you Cindy 🙂

      It may still be worth the gamble to dodge some raindrops. The colors really seem to pop on otherwise grey and dreary days. Some of my best autumn photos, like this one, were from last year on a rainy, crappy day. Bring an umbrella, a micro fiber cloth to wipe the lens, a small towel to wipe the camera, and a few plastic bags with holes strategically cut to put over the camera. Plus, you could also try to shoot from the car.

      1. I would definitely do that. Unfortunately, the colours are very disappointing here so far this year. It seems like everything just went brown and yellow instead of the usual brilliant colours, and most of the trees are half bare already. Maybe next weekend :).

    1. Well “downtown Toronto girl,” if you’re ever in New Hampshire I always enjoy someone to talk to on my hikes. So come on down some time and this “living in the sticks” NH guy will get you some photos like this of your own. 😀

    1. Thanks Scott. I surely will. I have a nice 15° down sleeping bag that will keep me nice and cozy.

      You know, there was a time, before photography, when I was ready to pack it all in and move south. But the more I thought about it, I realized I couldn’t give up my four seasons. And of curse now that the photography bug has a hold of me I actually look forward to winter.

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