Mid Stream, Mid Leap, By The Light Of The Moon

With time to kill one evening this past week, I stopped by a small stream near where I work to capture a few long exposures of fallen leaves swirling on the water’s surface.

Two of my favorites from my experiments with leaves, water, and time, can be seen HEREand HERE.

Ready to leave, as even under the light of the rising full moon it was getting too dark to see and safely navigate the stream side rocks and boulders, I started back to my car.

One fortuitous glance as I leapt from one boulder to the next nearly stopped me in my tracks.

As I glanced downstream I could see the most beautiful light reflecting on the water. The rising full moon, casting its wonderful glow on the jet black surface of the water, and on the dark, wet, leaf littered rocks, was rising in perfect alignment with the stream.

Surely I had time for one last 60 second exposure.

*   *   *

Stream Under Autumn Full Moon

25 thoughts on “One Last Glance

    1. Thanks again. I’m very happy it worked out. I had not planned on being out so long after dark. I had no headlamp, and my every-day slip on loafers were not at all suited to be-bopping around on stream side rocks covered in wet leaves. Fortunately I’ve been blessed with extreme sure-footedness. I very, very rarely go down. The “saves” are often quite comical, but as long as I remain on my feet it’s all good 🙂

      Also, I could barely see enough to focus, so I just used the scale on the lens and cross my fingers.

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