56 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

    1. Thanks Sally. Images like this one are the main reason I bring my 70-200 along on every hike. Even though it rarely leaves my backpack, it’s there in case a scene like this presents itself.

  1. beautiful layers – especially those mountains in the first image. are those the famous Smoky Mountains? a place i would like to see some day….
    interestingly enough, your header photo appeared as sky in layers of colours, a dot on the ‘i’ to a very enjoyable post. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, but no, those are the beautiful White Mountains in New Hampshire. I was about half way up Mt. Washington when I shot this. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I had to leave very early to be up high enough for sunrise. 😀

  2. I was going to ask where you took these, but I see from a previous comment that you were in the White Mountains. The misty clouds in the second one are wonderful and do remind me of the Smoky Mountains. Lovely

    1. Yes, New Hampshire is my primary playground, with an occasional trip into Maine. One of these days, when I a super famous photographer, I’d like to travel more, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. 😀

    1. Thanks CG. That water lily shot is one of many “lost treasures” on my hard drive. I’m usually so focused on the next shoot, that quite often only one or two images from any given day will get processed and shared. The rest go forgotten and unloved 🙂 Until I accidentally stumble back upon them looking for something new to share for the weekly challenges.

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