39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

    1. Thanks Kat. Those are Christmas lights from our tree. Which is across the room, behind the candle.

      I’m glad you can see them too. For some reason the images I’ve added to this post aren’t showing up when I view the post on my computer. I was concerned about pressing “publish” because of it.

      1. not showing up on my computer either 😦 i only see the reader version, and when i click on the thumbnails there, i can see the actual images. however when i look at your blog, i can only almost see part of the images for the split-second that the page loads. but once it is loaded, the images disappear.
        hmmmm…. very peculiar. and sad, too 😦

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the compliment, however brief 😉 Now I need to figure out why the heck some of you can see them while others can’t. Very, Very aggravating!

    1. Thank you Edith! As for how I get such clear photos in the dark, it’s actually pretty easy. First off, it’s most likely going to be a longer exposure because of the low light. So there are 2 things I always use, a tripod (the most important), and a remote release. The remote shutter release isn’t absolutely necessary,your cameras self timer will work just fine for exposures up to 30 seconds,on most cameras only allow up to 30 seconds on their own. Anything longer though will require you to use the “Bulb” exposure mode, which keeps the shutter open for as long as you’re pressing the shutter button. And for that you will need a remote because you’ll very likely cause movement of the camera while trying to hold down the shutter button for that long with your finger.

    1. I’m glad you can see them alright, thank you. I have published an updated post that seems to be showing just fine. WordPress must have been having a bad day yesterday. At least for me 😉

  1. Love the candles best of all, just a little bit different to the normal Xmas image. I have no problems seeing all images and can click on them to enlarge also.

    1. Thanks Lee, this was shot for a photo project I was working on last year. I can’t remember if the theme was candle, flame, bokeh, or what. 😉

      But I do like the way it came out

    1. Thank you very much. Getting them printed is easy enough, I usually don’t keep a lot on hand though. Sadly no one has ever expressed interest in purchasing any of them.

    1. Thanks Cris. That was a tricky one to expose for. Until recently I didn’t own Photoshop, so I wasn’t able to blend multiple exposures, one exposed for the sky/stars, and one exposed for the Christmas lights on the lighthouse. I had to find a happy medium, capturing the stars without completely blowing out the lighthouse. Now that I’ve subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, I plan to reshoot this in 2 or more exposures and blend them for a much better result.

      1. Did I tell you that I just bought Elements 11? I really like it. It’s a lot easier to use than Lightroom, at least for me. I would think you’d be able to do something with layers and transparency, but then, I don’t know for sure, as I haven’t had time to work on anything like that.

        1. That’s great. I did the trial with Elements a while ago, but never bothered to purchase it. But when this new Photography Package came along with Creative Cloud I had to jump on it. For $10 a month I get Lightroom 5 and Photoshop, too good to pass up.

          1. So, you just use it online? Store all your photos online? Or are you able to store them on your PC/Mac? I tend to steer away from doing anything online. I’m suspicious that way. One never knows who’s behind something like, “Backup all your computers online! Free! Or just a small pittance.” I don’t like the idea of someone else having all my data—just on the principle of the matter. Comes with age, I suppose. I don’t have anything to hide. The more I hear about NSA’s spy-on-normal-Americans campaign, I’ve just gotten leery. Sorry, didn’t mean to go there.

            1. Oh no, you download the software just like you normally would if you purchased it outright, then install it on your computer. The only real difference is that you don’t own the software, you’re paying for a subscription. As for storing my images, the subscription does come with 20 gigs of cloud storage, but I already have a backup strategy that involves an external hard drive, along with cloud backup through another company. Also, my website acts as another form of backup, albeit only for the images I’ve deemed good enough to be put up for sale, and only the final finished jogs. As an aspiring pro, I can’t afford to lose any of my images, so I need multiple backups.

              1. I do need to backup more often than I do. System backup backs up everything, but I need to have an alternate back up specifically for data and images. Thanks for the reminder.

                I’d never heard of that type of plan before. I assume you get updates as they come out. That’s actually a pretty good deal, as it would take many years to pay off just Photoshop at $10 a month.

                I used Photoshop when I was an asst. editor at a small daily newspaper, but rarely did I get to do anything exciting with it. I once made a really cool collage they used for a front cover of an annual publication.

                I think this version of Elements is about all I need in the way of photo editing, as it allows for guided and expert modes. Guided has enough options so that it takes care of most of my simple needs, and most of my needs are pretty simple these days.

                1. Yes, a good backup plan is a must.

                  That’s actually how most of Adobe’s products are offered now. You can still buy outright Elements and Lightroom, but pretty much everything else is only available as a Creative Cloud subscription. And the $9.99 per month Photography Package, which included both Lightroom 5 and Photoshop. And actually today is the last day to take advantage of this deal.

                  1. I’ve also got to spend more time downloading all the past issues of the Elements magazines. Sometimes I get overloaded with all the things I “have” to do. You wouldn’t believe the list of things I “could” be doing every day. But I try and do what’s most important, or at least, what I deem is most important for any given day.

                    I woke up this morning to 2-3 inches of this year’s first snow on the ground. Temperatures made it somewhat prohibitive to going out. I’m very much a warm-weather guy. 🙂

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