59 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

  1. As usual, your colors are fabulous!

    The expansiveness of earth is about as grand as you can get, outside the expansiveness of space. I especially like the following: 1. the reflected lake underneath the man standing in the foreground; 2. the sunset under the two snow photos—I like the somewhat light foreground, giving it much more depth than a merely black silhouetted everything else; 3. the photo with the boulder on the right side; and 4. my favorite, the bottom with the man in it. That’s really grand.

    I’m finally getting back involved in these weekly photo challenges. For some reason, I stopped getting notifications of them, but did get this one. My entry isn’t the same kind of grandness as yours, but it’s grand in its own way: http://fstopfantasy.wordpress.com/ – I didn’t change a thing on this one, other than to crop it.

    I recently purchased Elements 11 and am having a blast with it. I use both the guided and expert mode, depending on what I’m trying to do with it. However, the guided mode takes care of most of my needs.

    1. Thanks Cris. That view is of the Presidential Range looking out over Cherry Pond. Quite possibly my favorite view in all NH. The other one you mentioned is from the one and only backpacking trip I was able to pull off this summer.

      FYI, that bald(ing) headed stooge in the photo is me. 😛

      1. Never been to NH but I heard it is very beautiful. Is the Presidential Range part of the Appalachian chain? There does seem to be a lot of mountains in NH, judging by all your photographs.

        1. We’ve got mountains pretty much the entire length of the state. The Presidential Range is part of the White Mountains, and while not part of the Appalachian Mtns, the Appalachian Trail runs the entire length of the Presidentials.

  2. Jeff, your photos are always grand in one way or another but I really enjoyed these. I love mountains and you captured the beauty of them perfectly. The last one has such a sense of space and color and I also like the one right above on the left with the big boulder.


    1. Thank you Janet. NH has so much to offer, I’m not sure I’d want to live anywhere else. I’m just glad I can capture it in a way that seems to speak to people.

        1. That’s funny, I killed one of my last cars “climbing” Mt Washington. And after having hiked it for the first time last year for the Mount Washington Observatory’s Seek The Peak fund raiser, I don’t think I could ever drive it again.

          As a matter of fact, I’ll be hiking it again, and raffling off a couple of prints to help solicit donations, again this coming July. Can’t wait!

    1. Thank you. I totally agree. People tell me how great my photographs are, but I often feel I’m just the messenger. It’s nature that really creates the beauty in my photographs.

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