42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

  1. Really lovely Jeff! I especially like the second one with mallards on the ice.. looks so cool, all those heads together. A big family. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Stephanie. If only I had known, I almost drove by your house on the way to New Castle this morning for sunrise. You probably would have been less than thrilled to get a knock on your door that early though. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Gary. It’s funny you should say that. I’ve always thought that lone black duck standing among the mallards in the first photo looked like he was a little full of himself. Preening away as I took their picture.


          1. *rollin eyes at that pun*

            So.. the treadmill has been prepared. I’ve started to prepare it for movement. – Offloaded all the boxes and other assorted crap…

            Spoke to it nicely, asked it not to crush my foot again when I moved it this time around – so I don’t have to kick it.

            I think it is content.

            I just have to wait for Stuart (My housemate of almost 27 who is more like a third child) to get home from IT contract stuff in the middle of whoop whoop…

            Are you ready? I reckon we should start a challenge!!

            1. That would be fun, since you are my only friend in the app. πŸ™‚ It will certainly keep me motivated. Last night I just wasn’t feeling it and gave up after 3 miles. I really miss running outside, but with over 12″ of fresh snow on the ground it will be a while before I do any outdoor running. Watching the scenery change motivates me, watching the concrete wall in the basement, not so much.

                1. Baby step my dear, baby steps. After a while it really isn’t that hard. I was up to almost 6 before I hurt my ankle over the summer. I don’t consider myself a dedicated runner by any means. It is strictly a means to an end. I was tired of feeling like I was going to cough up a lung on my hikes. So in preparation for hiking Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Eastern U.S., I started running. I do enjoy it, but 5-6 miles at a go is more than enough for me. Once I reach that distance goal, it will be “how much faster can I cover that distance,” that I’ll challenge myself with. A friend keeps trying to get me to do a 5K with her. I have zero interest. I know how fast I can cover that distance, without doing it in a crowd.

                  For me, the right play list on my iPhone makes all the difference, indoors or out. Nothing even remotely mellow on my running play list. And I have a few really kick-ass “Power Songs” set up in the app for when I’m doing intervals.

                  1. I typically do 5kms… lol @ your no interest (Mr mega-run-pants!)

                    I have not run for some time though so I expect to start out doing 1km bouts about 5 times per day. After a few weeks I will notch it up to 1.25 4 times a day and so on… lol

                    = My definition of Baby Steps eh. (feel like ant steps compared to your schedule.. 3, 4, 5, 6 7 miles) lol

                    1. A much smarter way to start. When I started running I decided I wanted to go minimalist, so I run in my Vibram Fivefingers, as close to bare-foot as you can get. Well their idea of starting out slow, and my idea of starting out slow were apparently very different. Which is how I hurt my ankle.

                      I only run once a day. at 4-5 times a day you’ll be running marathons before you know it.

                    1. Oh yea! Especially indoors.

                      Well I must be off. Time to go get dripped on by all that wonderful new snow melting off of peoples cars. After a snow storm is when I truly dislike my job.

                    1. If it makes you feel better, the first link worked, but the Like button and a few other things were missing. This one I was able to “Like.” Great time too!

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