I’m climbing again.

Summit In The Clouds

On July 19th I’ll be participating in the 14th Annual Seek The Peak , the premier hiking event in the country. Seek the Peak is a hike-a-thon fundraiser to benefit the nonprofit Mount Washington Observatory (MWOBS).

Now in its fourteenth year, Seek the Peak is one of MWOBS’ largest fundraising events, and a great way to get out and experience the White Mountains while helping a great cause.

Like last year, I also plan to be on the trail no later than 2:30 a.m. to be somewhere above tree line for sunrise. There’s something special about knowing that I’m likely one of, if not the only person on the mountain at such an early hour.

On behalf of MWOBS, I’m seeking your help.

Seek The Peak is one of the major fundraisers the nonprofit Observatory holds every year, and in a effort to solicit your donations I’m again raffling off 2 prints. This year I’m doing it a little differently. For last years hike, I chose the image to raffle off. This year, since your tastes very likely differ from mine, the lucky winner, selected at random from among all the generous people who make a donation through my fundraising page, will get to choose their own winning image.

This way, not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping one of the worlds premier weather research facilities, you get to choose the image YOU want.

How it works.

When you visit my Seek The Peak fundraising page and make your tax-deductible pledge, each $10 (US) is good for one entry into the drawing. ($20 = 2 entries, $50 = 5), you get the idea. After the event in July, I will then randomly select one winner from all who’ve offered their generous support. That person* then gets to choose a signed, 16″ x 24″ print, from among any of the images on www.jeffsinon.com, or from any of the images shared here on my blog, or on my Fan Page.

(Images are regularly shared on my blog and fan page before they are uploaded to my website. All the more reason to subscribe, or become a Fan if you’d like to be among the first to see my latest photographs).

Didn’t he say he was giving away 2 prints?

Right you are! If you’re not one to take your chances, you REALLY want your own image from Jeff Sinon Photography, then this is for you!

The person* making the largest pledge in support of my hike, automatically wins a signed, 20″ x 30″ canvas gallery wrap of the image of their choice.

Last year, Stephanie from Love in the Spaces received a beautiful canvas of this photo of Mt. Washington. Her generous pledge of $40 earned her the top spot, so she automatically won the 20″ x 30″ canvas, valued at $200.

Cindy over at photos from the looney bin was the lucky winner of the 16″ x 24″ print of the same image.

Thank you all for your support!

Below is a slide show of the images I captured on last years hike.. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* The Fine Print.

– Your support is all you need to enter. Click HERE, any of the Seek The Peak links in the text above, or the Support MWOBS and WIN! banner in the sidebar, and make your tax deductible pledge.

– The winner of the print will be chosen at random at some time during the week following the event, but no later than July 26, 2014.

– The winners name will then be announced here on my blog, on my Fan Page, and via the email they provide when making their pledge.

– To be eligible to win the 16″ x 24″ print, you must live somewhere on this planet. Sadly, eligibility for the highest donor prize, the 20″ x 30″ canvas is limited to those living in the continental US and Canada.

– Other than your pledge, their is no cost to you. In fact, the cost of the print, the canvas, and the shipping, is coming out of my pocket, not any of the funds raised.

32 thoughts on “Climbing For A Cause.

    1. Thank you Mrs. P,

      I’ll give you the same answer I gave David,

      “I will be posting a few reminders here, but for more, and more often, updates/reminders, I highly recommend hopping over to my Fan page and clicking “Like” and then once you’ve become a fan, hover your cursor over the “Liked” button and then select “Get Updates.”

      While I will be posting several updates, or reminders here, between now and July, I will be much more regular, at least once every week or so on my Facebook page.

      The clickable banner in my sidebar, right near the top, will always be there though, so if you’re a subscriber you’ll always have a little reminder 😉

        1. Thanks Mrs. P. I try to keep my page updated regularly, with both my newest images, and my newest endeavors. Like Seek The Peak 😉 I’m not big on begging for myself, but for a cause I believe in, I have no problem hitting up my fans for support 😀

    1. Thank you.

      Last year I did, just to say I did it, but I won’t do it again. My feet did just fine, but my ankles took a beating from hitting them on the rocks. I wear my fivefingers almost exclusively in the summer, when hiking as well, but for this hike I’ll be wearing my regular hiking boots.


      1. Probably a good idea. Love, love my bikilas. I need a new pair as these have duct tape going around a few of my toes. Can’t wear them below about 25 degrees F but have a new pair of minimalist Vivobarefoot trail shoes that I wear with a thick pair of wool socks.

        1. Agreed. For most of my regular hiking they will still be my shoe of choice, but that rough granite found above tree line is murder on your ankles, and I’m not talking about twisting an ankle, I’m talking about removing skin. 😀 There are several images in the slide show that at first glance look like nothing more than a jumble of rough granite boulders. If you look very closely, one vertical photo in particular, you can just make out the rock cairns that mark the “trail.” For this year I’ll be wearing my “real” Asolo hiking boots.

          I actually think the Bikilas added time to my hike because I couldn’t simply bee-bop carelessly along the trail, like I do in regular hiking footwear. I had to be much more selective about foot placement.

    1. I will be posting a few reminders here, but for more, and more often, updates/reminders, I highly recommend hopping over to my Fan page and clicking “Like” and then once you’ve become a fan, hover your cursor over the “Liked” button and then select “Get Updates.”

    1. Thanks Paula, you should see my smiling face 30 pounds lighter 😉 I’ve been on a bit of a fitness kick lately. Running at least a 5k 3-5 times a week. This year I should be practically dancing up that mountain. 😀

      Nope, no one has expressed any interest in my foot shot, but if that’s the photo this years winner chooses, I’ll be more than happy to print, sign, and send it to them.


  1. Great pictures from last years hike. No doubt all that exercise will have you feeling alot better during and after the hike this year around.

    This post helps me put what you have been referencing re running into perspective.

    Stu has those finger toe grip shoes, I keep trying to throw them out.

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