35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

  1. There is nothing to compare with the boundless joy of a child. I wish more of us could carry that into later life, and I’m oh, so happy that we belong among those who can. Have a wonderful New Year, Jeff!

    1. I like to think I’ve kept some of that, or at least rediscovered it because of her. Seeing things through her eyes definitely keeps me young.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Beautiful shots…definitely captures the joy in her life which is so infectious in the people around her. Hope you had a great holiday season and that the New Year brings you much success and even more JOY in your life!

    1. She is a doll, that’s for sure. I’ve photographed that lighthouse many times, this will forever be my favorite shot of it.

      Truth be told, it would have aggravated the hell out of me if anyone else had stepped right in front of my already set up camera/tripod like that, but when she did it I just smiled and grabbed the shutter release.

  3. I’m pretty sure that just a couple of years ago I wouldn’t able to relate to those words, but now that I have a son, those words strike a chord in me and I completely understand the feeling.

    Very good photos too Jeff. It’s nice to see some portraits in your blog. I hope you and your family will have an awesome 2014!

    1. So very true. Until my daughter was born I could never really understand what the big deal was. But the first time you hold them is pretty much all it takes.

      I hope you and your family have an outstanding 2014 as well!

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