2 thoughts on “Whaleback In The Sea Smoke

  1. That is a stunning, dramatic photo. I don’t know what is more impressive – the photos or the fact that you braved those frigid temps to get that shot! I’d enter that one liberally into photo contests.

    1. Thanks Jeff. Well, you’d have been really impressed with the number of people that were there for sunrise. I was far from the only one. We New Englanders are pretty tough when it comes to cold ;-).

      I like your contest idea too. Unfortunately most contests I come across have terrible Terms Of Service, requiring you to give the organizers the rights to do pretty much whatever they want with your photo. And that’s not just if you win. While you still retain the copyright to the photo, they can reproduce, alter, use it in their advertising, whatever, with no compensation, just by entering. I did come a cross one contest that required to to sign over the copyright, though too. As if I’d ever totally sign away the rights to any of my photos for a contest. For an obscenely large sum of money, sure, but for a contest, not likely.

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