37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

    1. Yes, it has been a while! Lovely set of winter shots, with a few real stand-outs too. I bet you have to act fast though, down there I bet the snow doesn’t last long.

      1. I’m so glad you came by to take a look! I always value your input, novice photographer that I am. And yes, I got up at sunrise to take those shots – the weather was in the 40’s and the snow was almost all gone by 5 PM that day.

    1. Thanks LB. I’m guessing it was created by the variations in the current. There was an entire section of stream, a pretty big section actually, where all the ice on the rocks in the stream and along the shore looked like this. All of the shots with the scalloped ice were taken on the same day, at the same place.

      Here’s a shot of my friend Melissa laying out on the ice trying to get a shot. And this is just a small glimpse of the much larger section we photographed.

      When we came across this stream, the group of us probably spent at least an hour photographing these really cool shapes.

        1. Yea, she’s a character that’s for sure. We were all teasing her about how filthy the front of that coat was. I thought I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees and stomach taking pictures 😉

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