Feeding my soul at 5,000 feet.

Blue Lincoln

The mountains are my church, and the windswept summits are the altar upon which I find solace.

In The Church Of Ice And Snow.

Many worship behind stained glass, or under minarets.

My place of worship is in solitude, high on a mountain ridge as I watch the sun dip below the western horizon. As the warmth of daylight is replaced by the cool blue of twilight, this is where I find peace and salvation.

For me, this is Heaven.

18 thoughts on “Heaven Is The Third Peak To Your Left.

    1. Cold is just a state of mind. The temp at the summit was -1°F with 40+ mph winds, and I was enjoying every minute of it. With the proper gear, meaning good quality layers, it really sin’t that hard to enjoy scenery like this in the winter. The benefit of the cold is that you can always put on another layer, when it’s hot you can only get so naked 😛

        1. One more thing. Assuming the trails in your area are fairly popular, winter hiking is so much easier than at any other time of year. All the roots and rocks are covered in well packed snow. Again, assuming the trails are fairly well used even in winter.

          Also, get a pair of these, http://bit.ly/1eAFhro you’ll love them!

      1. I have been on top of Lafayette two times and I always wondered what it looks like winter time ……. simply beautiful

        1. Oh man, you have to do it in the winter! I’ve only been in the winter. In fact the number of places high in the Whites that I’ve been in the winter outnumbers the places I’ve been in the summer. Especially above tree line. Now that I’ve finally put together a good layering system, I try to spend as much time in the mountains in the winter as I can.

          I find the hiking on snow covered trails easier, and since I’m pretty much a furnace on legs, the cold temps make hiking much less of a sweaty endeavor.

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