Or Lack Thereof…

At the hours I’m normally out with camera and tripod in hand, there is rarely another soul in sight.

Case in point, this photo looking into Market Square in beautiful Portsmouth, NH.

Notice the clock on the steeple, 6:20. And that’s a.m. which is actually a late morning for me.

In a few hours, this picturesque area of Portsmouth will become alive with the hustle and bustle of cars and pedestrians, tourists and locals alike. Thus creating an entirely different atmosphere than the peace of early morning.

Misty Morning Market Square.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

  1. In the Chicago area, it’s rare to ever see a street completely empty, no matter the time of day. I like the time you’re showing. The photo reminds me greatly of Willoughby Hills, Ohio, another lovely town, suburb of Cleveland.


  2. I remember this street and I was hoping you would publish another pic of it 🙂 It is till life on street – still street life – my favourite 🙂

    1. Thank you Paula. This is one of my favorite street scenes. Now that winter is finally winding down I think I’ll turn my attention to some more scenes like this.

    1. Bed? Who goes to bed? 😉 To be honest, I had likely already been out photographing for over an hour before this shot was made. I figure I’ll sleep when I’m dead 🙂

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