30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. Red Wing Blackbirds are my favorites, we live by a marsh and I look forward to hearing them every year – as always great shots!

    1. Thanks Carrie. They’re a favorite of mine as well. They may not be the flashiest bird around, but I look forward to their return every year.

    1. To think, the number one reason I chose the military over college after high school was I disliked English class so much. 😉

      Never in a million years would I have ever thought I’d actually enjoy writing.

      1. No…I’m referring to actually up close on the bird. Whereas on birds you can see the frail bone lines through the wings, but in that color spot (area) on that bird…it as if there are no bones underneath…does that make sense? Usually you can see the lines all the way through the wings, but in that color area…it looks like soft velvet.

        1. Gotcha! I’ve never really had a chance, or a long enough lens to get a good look up close. The photo you shared, that makes mine look pretty lame by comparison thank-you-very-much, really shows it though.

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